'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Brandi's not as evil as everyone makes her out to be, but she may have really crossed a line. (Bravo / December 18, 2012)

We pick right back up at Mauricio's event. Kyle steps in and pulls Adrienne away.

Adrienne's most upset that anyone could be so reckless, saying Brandi doesn't care about anyone's reputation, just attention.

Pot, meet Kettle.

Brandi's friend Dwight is the only man who actually addresses Paul's behavior, telling him he has no business speaking to a woman in that manner. Even Taylor asks if she's OK. I'm trying to figure out if she actually cares.

Then Adrienne goes and calls her "crackpot crazy" and says she's "full of drugs." If she's lying, why is everyone so pissed? Have to give it to her: That dramatic exit was top notch.

Kyle wanted to say something, but not at her husband’s event. Kim stands by what she did, because she couldn't bring herself to smile in Adrienne's face knowing what happened.

Mauricio is pissseedddd. This was supposed to be a chill affair for his clients and friends. That episode just reminded everyone what show they're on.

Seriously, how much professionalism can you expect to exude when you and your wife invite the other "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" to your work function?

Dwight & Co. are still most upset that Paul repeatedly called a woman a b----. Mauricio admits that he wouldn't stoop to that level, but says that doesn't make Paul right or wrong. Brandi, to her credit, is the first to apologize to Mauricio for the outburst. Wonder if he'll appreciate it?

Camille, Kim and Kyle discuss it. Way back when Kim 'n' Kyle were at Brandi's throats, Adrienne was the one who defended Brandi, playing mediator, but over the past month the story has flipped.

Kyle doesn't blame Paul for "defending his wife" but she thinks Kim's timing was terrible. In Kim's opinion, Kyle should understand her decision. She was just being a good friend. Just not that good of a sister. It really was silly for Kim to do that.

Taylor is stressing to Brandi that she would never tote out any of the ladies' closet skeletons, and Brandi does not get it at all. Last episode, I speculated that this whole debacle was spun by producers, hence the show's refusal to allow us to hear Brandi's gossip. Now, I'm not so sure.

If she really shared something sensitive about the Maloofs, there's the possibility that the show edited it out, so that she really couldn't be sued.

Brandi's not as evil as everyone makes her out to be, but she may have really crossed a line. Even if she claims all of the women knew the secret to be a lie, that dinner table at Sur was no place to expose them. Especially with Adrienne being absent.

Kyle, Camille and Taylor are all aghast at the day's events. Taylor isn't shocked that Adrienne's secrets are being flung before the group, because the same thing was done to her a while back.

Camille is annoyed that Taylor keeps working her issues into the convo, believing  there is a major difference between what Brandi said and her calling Taylor out about her late husband's abuse last season. Eh. That looked pretty cruel in that flashback, Camille.

Camille stands by her actions because Taylor, unlike Paul and Adrienne, broadcasted her family issues, constantly. The idea that Camille would act like Taylor discussing the domestic violence she'd suffered was purely for attention is troubling. Victim blaming, much?

Kyle finally walks up to Brandi and starts defending Kim's decision to tell Adrienne about her "malicious gossip." The timing was just off. Brandi would take it back if she could, but it's not gossip. It's the truth. She claims the Maloofs have done terrible things to her that no one knows, but Camille insists that Adrienne has always been Team Brandi.

Lisa's Mansion. Ken's friend Martin comes over while she's getting the gates fixed. On cue, Ken, "the bloody worst patient in the world," calls Lisa from the house, requesting tea and biscuits. Apparently, he's not really this awful, he just enjoys pestering Lisa. Really cute married banter. Aww.