'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' recap, Kim's post-nose job party
OMG Lisa looks so awesome in that white gown. Normally the statement necklace-bold earrings-bedazzled gown combo would be a bit much, but she's just gorgeous right now.

Brandi and some of her never-before-seen friends roll through. Good job, bringing buffers.

For two mature people who are over the Brandi situation, Adrienne and Paul sure seem fixated on Brandi, Brandi's finances and Brandi's plastic surgery as they ride to the party. Then again, they may not have anything else camera-approved to discuss.

Did Yolanda really decide to never attend one of these parties again? Because she's not here and no one has mentioned her and I'm really upset because I wanted to see what she'd wear.

LOL at Adrienne's self-tanner leaving brown stains all over Kyle and Lisa's furniture! I always thought she was unnaturally brown. She doesn't let that stuff dry before she goes out into the world?

As promised, Taylor shows for the white party, and seems completely oblivious to the fact that this whole thing seems beyond shady. Kim's not buying Taylor's story but doesn't take it any further -- for now.

Brandi's anxious at the sight of Paul, and Lisa suggests she talk to Adrienne one-on-one. Paul's obviously not going to let that happen, but Brandi's friend goes to get Adrienne anyway. Paul can't just be a man and let his wife handle her catfight by herself. Brandi wanted to be calm and civil and Paul isn't the least bit about that.

They are still claiming that they haven't sent a letter, that their hands were tied and they had to hire a lawyer. Also, there's the issue of Adrienne and Paul's employee selling stories to Radar Online. Interesting.

Taylor and Lisa are both calling Kyle on her bull. She didn't let Camille into her party last year because Russell, Taylor's late husband, sent her a letter of intent to sue to Camille over a similar situation. And then Paul and Adrienne demanded that Taylor be kicked out and coined the phrase "Friends don’t sue friends." But for some strange reason, it took multiple people to explain this to Kyle before she noticed the similarities.

Adrienne and Paul are still double-teaming Brandi, suggesting she watch what she say or get sued. Brandi reminds them that this is America ... so yeah, freedom of speech and all that. Plus, she told the truth, so whatever she said wasn't slander. No slander = no lawyers necessary.

In come the troops to break up this stupid argument. For the last time, friends don't sue friends, guys. Plus, to keep it 100, by Paul and Adrienne's logic, Lisa and Ken could've definitely sued Adrienne for accusing Lisa of selling stories.

Paul doesn't feel like he's done yelling at Brandi, so Ken tells him they'll talk when Paul is done with his bull----. Love Ken.

Paul and Adrienne refuse to admit that they're hypocrites, even when Taylor and Dwight calmly bring up the fact that they demanded Taylor be kicked out last year because of Russell's email. At this point, everyone seems adequately annoyed by Adrienne and Paul. Which begs the question: Why are any of you friends with these people?