'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Thank god, drama is back this week on ROBH. (Bravo / December 11, 2012)

This week starts with Kyle, who is increasingly becoming my least favorite Housewife.

Did Kyle's family get egged? As a result of her meddling, I hope. Mauricio pretends to believe it's some high school prank targeting Alexia. But aww, it's a new car reveal! They got Alexia a Lexus C250. A C class Lexus for a girl who can't begin to parallel park? A 16-year-old? My life sucks.

At least she seems sweet and grateful. Kyle knows her friends are going to resent this bit of showiness, but it's the fruit of Mauricio's new real estate company. Being able to shower his daughter with inappropriately expensive luxury cars is the consummation of a dream. I'll let them have it.

Brandi's meeting with her booking agent over sushi. She updates him about the drama at Ojai, mainly the women's cold reaction at the news of her book deal.

Basically, Brandi feels they should be happy for her, because they're already disgustingly rich, and she's not. Proof? She lives in a house without a single chandelier. Meaning, Brandi Gianville's probably eaten a struggle meal before. The rest of these women? Never. Except, maybe, Taylor because she's the one clinging to this zip code she "worked hard for." That implies struggle.

She's a little apprehensive about having her picture on the cover of her book, title, etc. I feel you, girl. Titles and cover letters are the hardest things to write, ever in life.

Oh, but Brandi's come up with a title. It's just profanity-laden, because this is Brandi we're dealing with. She wants to name her book, "It's a Break-Up, Not Cancer: How I Got the F--- Through It, and Got the F--- Out of It." Obvs, her agent's not pleased, but she insists the F-word is a major part of her life.

Yay, Lisa time! She's got a new menu for her lounge, and she's having a few peeps over in the garden, to sample a few appies.

Last night, one of her female servers, Stassi, or something, managed to get on the bad side of "one of the most powerful people in this town" who also happens to be one of Lisa's BFFs. She asks Jax, the bartender that's helping set up for the tasting, if he thinks that the server in question was drinking.

Of course, Jax denies that. It's hard to believe Lisa put him in that position. If he were the manager, it would be understandable. But she's discussing this with another employee, and she's the owner -- not cool. Maybe she's asking him because he runs the bar. Still, it feels a little informal for this convo.

(Side note: Jax is kinda hot. Must be one of those L.A. server/actors everyone's always snarking about.)

If any other reality TV star/restaurateur claimed their restaurant "constantly deal[s] with celebrities and important people" I would call their bluff. But when Lisa says it, it's beyond contestation. Maybe it's the accent.

Ken advises her to speak with Stassi before they start the tasting. Stassi admits that she was drinking "a little bit" last night, but she wants Lisa to hear her side of the story.

Lisa tells her she doesn't get a side, because he's an important client. She claims she was making a small joke, about the party sucking, and ended it up blowing up. She said he called her a spoiled brat and a stupid b----.

Lisa says it may be good reason, and since she doesn't have time for these shenanigans tonight, she tells Stassi to leave.

I would've fired her. I worked retail/customer service for years. People are awful. Unless a customer threatens your well being, suck it up and do your job.

And whom the heck is Lisa hiring, anyway? Before the tasting, Brandi calls to make sure Scheana, the girl who slept with her ex and one of Lisa's employees, wasn't working.

Kim, Brandi and Lisa discuss Ken's upcoming hip surgery, and of course, jokes about Ken's penis ensue. The rest of the guests show up and there is an excessive amount of bourgeois double-cheek kissing.

Lisa makes sure that the champagne isn't troubling Kim, and then asks her if she ever feels she may relapse. She admits that some people in her life almost drive her to drink. Some she's put in her past, but others she's forced to put up with -- ahem, Kyle -- and she has to just thug it out.