She also knows about the gossip at Adrienne's party, thanks to Yolanda. She's especially upset over them saying she sleeps with married men and flirts with all of their husbands. Honestly, I've only ever seen her flirt with Ken and Mohammed, who does not count because he's Yolanda’s ex. And she doesn't mean any of it anyway.

Brandi wants to give Marisa the benefit of the doubt, but definitely plans to straighten it all out. Today.

Marisa shows up with her mother in tow, which won't save her from Brandi's wrath, but will make that encounter more fun to watch. When Mauricio and Kyle show up, they spend a few awkward moments discussing Adrienne's drama. The question on everyone's minds seems to be, who will get the Housewives in the divorce?

Brandi's kind of ready for war. When she sees Mauricio, she asks him up front if she’s ever flirted with him. To his credit, he seems taken aback and instantly says no. She fills Lisa in on it all, including the fact that the same Radar Online blogger who wrote the exclusive on Adrienne's divorce wrote about Brandi's fictional white party bathroom romp. Point is, it's Adrienne who has been selling stories. Well, at least Brandi and Lisa think so.

Oh great, now we're going to blame Brandi for putting stress on their relationship. At least, that’s what Kim, Camille and Faye all believe. Kyle had hoped the Brandi drama would bring them together, but honestly, no one knows.

Linda, David's ex-wife, shows up, and she and Yolanda are so civil and grown-up. It's amazing. Obviously, they're just happy and in love. So in love that Yolanda is planning to buy him a plane. Let that marinate.

Afterward, Yolanda and Brandi pull Marisa to the side to discuss Adrienne's party. Yolanda is up front about the fact that she told Brandi everything. Brandi’s hurt that Marisa waited until she wasn't around, and Marisa starts to stammer out excuses, even saying that she saw Brandi's point. And Yolanda definitely isn't letting this BS slide, especially after Marisa agrees that Dean isn't her type, and that she would love to go sleep with somebody tall, dark and handsome, right now.

Of course, Faye has to come over to butt her nose into things. Brandi tells her to leave, and Faye tells her to "be a lady, for once." Y'all think Faye is tough, but Yolanda is the real one with the verbal fisticuffs. And she knows that, which is why she pretends to be concerned about Yolanda "being misled by a very bad girl," meaning Brandi. Yolanda's all, "I’m 48-years-old, fool," and Brandi suggests Faye takes her own advice and be a lady. Except, she wants her to be a lady from across the room.

That's when Faye issues actual fighting words, telling Brandi, "No matter how many Chanels you borrow, you will never, ever, be a lady." She then decides to blame Brandi for breaking up Adrienne and Paul's family. Even Marisa argues that they must have had problems before.

SEASON FINALE: Ken and Lisa exchange vows. Kim and Kyle argue about Brandi. Brandi and Faye are still at it and then Adrienne shows up, crying. Kyle gets her last chance to earn Lisa's friendship. Basically, every storyline of this season -- in one episode!