'Project Runway'

Daniel Esquivel gets all handsy with Layana Aguilar. (Lifetime / February 1, 2013)

Female Server 2: The zipper in the front of the top is riding too low, showing the model's bra. She looks like a '90s bad girl.

Male Server: Dude! Tank top and capri pants? Is this a gay surf resort in Europe?

Female Server 3: a very boring short, but I don’t hate the jacket.

Ball Boy: DUDE! Mesh top? With the tank, with the kilt, with "balls are our business" right over the crotch. Wow. I think these male designers aren't designing for a ping pong social club, they're designing for gay bars.

Team Keep It Real

Female Server 1: I can see the vest is well done, I just hate the asymmetrical scoops in the back.

Female Server 2: I like the back, but overall, the dress was just too simple.

Male Server: It's cool and masculine. Looks comfortable and functional.

Female Server 2: I think it's a super cute little black dress, but it's for a female server. This is a commission job that has to take into account functionality, and that skirt is just too short to work in.

Ball Boy: The writing on the pockets is pretty cool, I like the top, and love the holster from the back. Unfortunately, from the front, the straps of the harness, combined with the shirt which is black on the bottom and white from the chest up, makes it look spaghetti strap.

Of course, the winners are Team Keep It Real!

Top Designs:

Female Waitress Vest Look: Sexy and functional.

Male Server: That T-shirt is sweat shirt material! "Edgy and cool" -- Nina

Ball Boy: They chose white on the top of the shirt so dandruff wouldn't show, but black on the bottom to look chic. It worked. As Heidi said, "There's a lot going on, but it doesn't look silly."

Bottom Designs:

Surfer Server: Heidi brings up the very good point that it's a tank for a male server, probably with hairy pits. You don't want a hairy armpit reaching over your table giving you food. Good point Heidi.

Waitress Jacket and Short: I didn't hate the jacket, but Heidi did: "She looks like a receptionist in some suburban hotel." I had to pause and laugh. I have never heard anyone use the word "suburban" as such an insult.

Ball Boy Kilt: Susan Sarandon says it is ballsy and bold, but her male employees would NEVER wear it. Zac says there are too many elements. Nina appreciates the provocative element, but points out that this challenge has a client with specific wants and needs.

In the end, the winning look was Keep It Real's vested female server. Daniel says that Layana should win since he has immunity. I kind of want to hug him.

The worst look was the capri pant travesty. At least the kilt travesty was creative. James goes home.

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