'Project Runway'

Daniel Esquivel gets all handsy with Layana Aguilar. (Lifetime / February 1, 2013)

This week, the designers were brought to Spin, a ping pong social club owned by Susan Sarandon.

The challenge is for each team (same teams) to design five looks for the employees of Spin. Three for female servers, one for a male server, and one for a ball boy (the poor guy who has to run around Spin and pick up stray balls).

I'm gonna spoil it for you right now: YES, lots of balls jokes are made. No, none of them are particularly good.

Dream Team is confident with Platinum Aussie saying "I'm a natural born leader" again. He said that last episode too. 2 for 2.

At Mood, the central conflict of the episode -- and probably the season -- begins. Platinum Aussie is breathing down Six Feet Under's neck and she doesn't appreciate it very much.

In the work room, Daniel (Mustache Man) is teaching Layana about life and she is just sucking up knowledge gratefully. It's like Daniel is who Platinum Aussie thinks he is. Again, Team Keep It Real actually does, while Dream Team is a nightmare (see what I did there?)

Everyone seems to be getting fed up with Platinum Aussie's management style, which is funny, because no one asked him to manage anything, he just did. Furthermore, he goes around brag-plaining about how he doesn't have time to focus on his own stuff because he has to help everyone else.

Platinum Aussie is an ass (Disclaimer: Editors and producers of reality TV get to pick and choose which scenes we see in order to give us certain perceptions of "characters;" he might be perfectly lovely in real life.)


Keep It Real:

They're going with a skort (skirt shorts) which makes me nervous since it isn't 2001. They have decided to put a holster on the back of the ball boy look, which is genius! You know what men love? Pretending they have a sword. Putting a katana-like sheath on the back will be bad-ass if they can do it right.

Water Lilly is jazzing up those leggings and not in a good way. Tim Gunn frets about it, and she tells him about how she needs to do more construction for the judges. "I'm sensing ego," Tim says. Um, no. Self-preservation.

Dream Team:

Geek Chic continues to impress with interesting use of elastic for comfort and pockets for functionality of a server. They decide against jeans, since the servers could just go buy jeans. They want to give the ball boy a kilt. Fashion forward, maybe. Funny, yes (his balls are out). Practical, no (see last reason). 

Elsewhere on the team, Platinum Aussie designed a dress that had nothing to do with Six Feet Under's jacket. Tim Gunn called it "whackadoodle" (and somehow made that sound classy) and asked "Did you look at Cindy's  jacket?!" which is to Project Runway as "did you taste your food?" is to Top Chef.

Dream Team is in trouble.

On the morning of the show, Dream Team is still sewing when it's time to go.


Dream Team:

Female Server 1: Geek Chick did a good job. The pockets look great and the lapel is chic.