Midnight Sun's 50 most read posts of 2010
From the Midnight Sun blog:

If I was to write Midnight Sun based on page views, the blog would be lingerie football and Justin Bieber all the time.*

At least that's what this roundup of the 50 most clicked-on posts of the year tells me about Midnight Sunners' reading habits.

Out of the total 1,000 or so items that ran on the blog this year - reporting on topics as varied as crime, local music trends, business developments and nightlife - it's something of a mystery how these ended up being most read.

After all, some items that included lots of reporting were overlooked, while others that were just a few paragraphs were highly read. Other items benefited from being linked to by Andrew Sullivan, and some others simply generated lots of debate in the comments.

But, in 2010, it seems readers were most interested in breaking crime news, music festivals like Virgin Mobile FreeFest, and the Charm City Circulator. Bieber, of course, interested locals a lot too - though it may not be something they admit to - as did scantily-clad football players. Shocker, that last one.

The posts here are divided in two sections: January to August, when Sam Sessa wrote the blog, and September to December, since I've been at the helm.

Overall, though, it was a big year for Midnight Sun.

In fact, in terms of audience, there was a 15 percent jump in page views from last year, making 2010 our most read since the blog's inception three years ago. And for that, we want to say: thank you for reading.

December - September, 2010:

20. Weekend Crime: Man beaten outside DC9 club; police officer Brian Stevenson killed in Canton

19. Review: Vampire Weekend at Merriweather Post Pavilion, in which I upset whiny Vampire Weekend Fans. Incidentally, I've been vindicated.

18. I survived Justin Bieber at the State Fair. Now, if only Bieber's fragrance hadn't.

17. Recording Industry: Here's a handy guide on best websites for stealing music Service journalism!

16. Introducing Gameday Warehouse, a new Ravens bar, here likely thanks to the best Ravens bar story.

15. Review: Wayne Mahaffey's Bistro Rx: This review generated a lot of debate, with Mahaffey even writing his own defense.

14. A fourth Charm City Circulator route considered

13. U2 to play Baltimore in 2011, maybe: Interestingly, the confirmation that the band would actually play, wasn't as well read. Still, the U2 show led to this 1A story.

Continued: 12. Girl Talk's new album posted online as a free download, includes Rye Rye sample: Baltimore loves Girl Talk, and free things. Mostly free things.