Jacoby and Karina hop into first-place tie on 'Dancing with the Stars'

It’s semifinals week on “Dancing with the Stars,” and Jacoby Jones and Karina Smirnoff had two dances this week: Argentine Tango and Lindy Hop (chosen by Twitter users).

First up was the Argentine Tango. Karina and Jacoby are losing their patience with each other in rehearsal this week. During rehearsal on the ballroom stage for camera blocking, Karina had a flip over Jacoby that ended with her landing on her jaw, and it sounds like she might have had a slight concussion. She goes to the hospital, but we don’t follow her there.

Karina’s on stage dancing with Jacoby so I guess it can’t be too bad. They’re set up on a platform with streetlights at the four corners – it’s very dramatic and cool. Jacoby’s big, athletic feet aren’t a natural fit for the flicks of this dance, but he’s giving it his best. There’s also a really sexy pose in the middle that showcases the chemistry between these two. Near the end of the routine, they do a move with both of them around the streetlight, like a very sophisticated pole dancing move. And then there’s a tremendously cool lift that’s helped for us at home by an overhead camera that really sells it.

Len loved it and is out of his seat again. Did they heat up his seat like they do Bruno’s? Bruno calls it the best performance ever from Jacoby. Tom asks about Jacoby’s mom and we see happy tears from her.

Carrie Ann is crying, too, gets a kiss on the cheek from Jacoby, then stands up and does some 80s hair metal video vixen moves. So I guess she liked it.

Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 10, Bruno 10.

In the skybox, Brooke asks about the injury and Jacoby explains that it was one of her crazy lifts. When she got back today, they changed the move that caused the injury at Jacoby’s insistence.

Jacoby encourages his mom, because of the perfect score from Len, “Go kiss him, Mama. Go kiss him.” Len may have to hire bodyguards for the finale, if Jacoby makes it there.

Before the second dance, we get a clip package about Jacoby growing up. All the old pictures of Jacoby are cute or hilarious or both.  We hear from his mom, Emily London Jones, his friend, David “DC” Coleman, his high school coach, Allen Woods, and his aunt, Jeanette Larkins, about how he always wanted to be a football player, despite the fact that he was considered too small. He didn’t make the high school football team his freshman year, but stuck with it until he did make the team. And then he was a walk-on at Lane College.

Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson relives one of Jacoby’s worst moments, when in the Texans' first playoff game, he muffed a punt and the other team recovered it for a touchdown. The Texans went on to lose the game by seven points. He had death threats, his house got egged, he was persona non grata in Houston.

But Baltimore, thankfully, saw his potential, and you know the rest. Jacoby has said that if he wins the Mirror Ball trophy, he’ll put it next to the Lombardi Trophy in the Ravens' facility.

Their routine starts with Harold Wheeler getting a few lines. Jacoby’s large self looks great with some of these big moves of the Lindy Hop. This is a BIG dance all over, ranging far and wide across the dance floor and going up on the judges’ stand. And of course, the Lindy Hop gives him a chance to sling Karina around all over the place in fun lifts. He did splits, he did leaps, he did rolls -- it was insane.

Karina and Jacoby are both winded after that high-energy routine. Len points out that Jacoby got off on the wrong foot at the beginning but recovered, and the routine was “fun and fabulous.” Bruno says he nailed it. Carrie Ann calls him the #1 Entertainer of the season.

When Brooke asks in the skybox about Jacoby’s status as the jokester of the cast, he answers, doubled over with his hands on his knees, “Right now, I’m not jokin’ -- I’m half dead.”

Scores: Carrie Ann 10, Len 9, Bruno 10.

With those scores, Jacoby ends up tied for first for the night. He shouldn’t be in danger tomorrow night, but it’s good to stay in voting practice, just in case.

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