'Glee' Recap: Asian F

Apparently an A- is the equivalent of an Asian F. At least that's what I learned tonight on "Glee."

In tonight's episode, Mike Chang's dad, Mike Chang Sr., reprimanded his son for getting an A- on a chemistry exam. Personally I would've loved to get an A- on a chemistry exam; however, I'm more of a language arts person, so that never happened. But I digress.

Mike's dad tells Mike to quite glee club because "it's a waste of time." Mr. Chang is convinced dancing is a hobby, not a career. Who asked you, Mr. Chang? Now, I've always had a crush on Mike. What can I say? I'm a sucker for good dancers...and he's great! But more importantly, Mike won me over tonight because he followed his heart, despite what his father said, and tried out for the part of Riff in the school musical, "West Side Story."

Mike's mom encourages him not to let go of his dreams and now we finally know why Mike is such a hottie: his parents are ridiculously good looking. His mom was also an aspiring dancer, so I suppose it's in the genes?

Confession: I've always wanted to be a part of a dancing flash mob. Especially one led by Brittany from "Glee" to the tune of Beyoncé. According to Britt Britt, boys have made quite a mess at the school and it's time for the girls to clean it up. So she launches into a performance of "Run the World (Girls)."

Sure, Brittany doesn't have the vocal chops to do Queen B justice, but dang, can that girl dance! (Glee Fun Fact: Brittany used to be back-up dancer for Beyoncé and was originally hired to teach the "Glee" cast the choreography to "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On it).") Brittany, you've got my vote.

Speaking of voting, Rachel has thrown her hat in the race, too. After watching Mercedes audition for Maria, Rachel admits Mercedes is better than her and adds her name to the ballot in a last-ditch effort to make her senior year special...even if it means losing one of her closest friends, Kurt, in the process.

Meanwhile, there was a tie for Maria, obviously. And this led to a Maria-off between Rachel and Mercedes. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed with either one. I think both of them have had better performances and tonight's showoff was standard. The judges decided to double-cast the role, but Mercedes, finally tired of playing second fiddle to Rachel, declines the role and...joins Shelby's new glee club. Kudos to Mercedes for sticking up for herself.

As for the adults, Mr. Schu discovered Emma's secret stash of wedding magazines (doesn't every girl have one?) and asks to meet her parents. Emma, however, is ashamed of her parents, or as she calls them "ginger supremacists." During dinner, Mrs. Pilsbury says they simply prefer the company of other redheads, but Mr. Schu calls them out on being racists and for making fun of their daughter's OCD. Oh Mr. Schu, I fall a bit more in love with you every episode.

Favorite performance: I can't decide between Mike's audition to "Cool" from "West Side Story" (again, I love his dancing!) or the glee club's rendition of "It's All Over" from "Dreamgirls." Mercedes was spot-on as Effie White, although I wish she would've sung "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going." That would've been epic.

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