'Glee' instant reaction, 'The Quarterback'

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"Glee" just finished and I sit here at my laptop, torn about what to say.

I was affected, personally, when Cory Monteith passed away the day before my 28th birthday this past summer. I’ve been a devout fan of "Glee" since its incredible version of “Don’t Stop Believing” ... and believe, I did. "Glee" is a show that will embrace the campy aspects of show choirs and glee clubs, but by embracing, they’ve created a resurgence of the arts in our public school system. Suddenly, being in a high school’s show choir is the cool thing to do. "Glee" started a phenomenon and Cory Monteith has been apart of that since the very first note was sung. This is the reason that I feel like this tribute episode didn’t do him justice.

I’m a crier, and I’ve always been a crier. But tonight, I just didn’t buy into the storyline completely so it feels like the show fell flat. We learn that Finn Hudson has been dead for three weeks by this time ... yet we haven’t heard his name once in the first two episodes.

Kurt Hummel tells us off the bat that we’re not going to find out how Finn passed away, a rumor that I had hoped wasn’t true. We’ve been there with Finn through a pregnancy scare with his high school sweetheart, Quinn Fabray (P.S.: Where was she in tonight’s episode? Not even a mention?) We saw him grow and embrace many subjects controversial to teenagers today. We’ve been there for him through all of these ups and downs, and I think it was a foolish decision not to give us a reason for his death. There was no sense of absolute.

The songs were great; the reactions were decent. I would think that, with the cast filming this episode just a few weeks after Cory’s death, there would have been more tears shed during the songs or during the conversations the group had with each other about Finn. Some real, raw emotion. Nothing. Not one tear seemed to be shed until Rachel Berry came onto the scene. That was extremely disheartening for me.

Santana continues to be my favorite character though because Naya Rivera really knows how to make us love her. Her epic blowout with Sue Sylvester was my favorite part of the entire episode, and that’s sad because this wasn’t supposed to be about her.

I don’t want readers to misread this and think I’m speaking ill of this tribute. I just think that it could have been so much more powerful with a fully developed storyline. People who are fanatics for this show give their all to it, so I would hope the show would want to give itself completely back.

Let me know your thought of the episode in the comments or on Twitter (@DMC8503). Please check out our full recap of the Cory Monteith tribute episode, "The Quarterback."


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