Jessa's character makes so much more sense after we meet her father (right). (HBO / February 25, 2013)

Hannah accompanies Jessa to visit her father in upstate New York.

The opening scene shows them waiting at a sparse train station to be picked up, Jessa looking like Anne of Green Gables clutching her carpet bag. Their dialogue as they wait for Jessa's dad is deliciously funny.

Hannah has to pee but the station consists of only a platform. Jessa directs her towards some shrubbery to relieve herself. Hannah is aghast: "You want me to cross the tracks, and step on the third rail potentially."

"We're not in New York City. There is no third rail, Hannah," Jessa replies.

Hannah crouches down to do her business and asks Jessa if anyone's coming. "Nope," Jessa replies as a wicked smile cracks across her face and two elderly travelers sidle up to Hannah's exposed backside.

The girls wait at length for Jessa's dad, and Hannah asks her why she wants to visit him at all -- she thought they weren't speaking.

"He wants me to see his house and see his new girlfriend which is odd because I've met her three times which should be more than enough," Jessa says.

"Well don't they have like a 5-year-old daughter?," asks Hannah.

"No that was the last one, this is Petula."

"What happened to the 5-year-old daughter?," Hannah asks.

"No one speaks to her. I wonder if her name is still Lemon," Jessa says, and with that, we get a pretty good snapshot of what she has dealt with, family structure-wise.

Arriving eventually, Jessa's Dad (played terrifically by Ben Mendelsohn) is disheveled, stammering, and slightly paranoid: His station wagon is filled with old computers he won't get rid of, lest anyone read his old ideas.

They arrive at his equally disheveled house. Things between Jessa and her Dad start out really sweetly, with them cackling in exactly the same pitch as he bemoans having to upkeep his lawn.

Jessa gives him the post-mortem on her and Thomas-John's break up, and her Dad's thoughtful -- albeit harsh -- reaction is, "Well maybe on some level you wanted it. Because you know, we're not like other people."

"No, we're not, are we?," Jessa says.

Hannah spends time getting to know Petula (Rosanna Arquette), Jessa's dad's equally kooky, strung out hippie girlfriend. The two who met because she was the masseuse at his last stint in rehab. Hannah assists Petula feeding the family rabbits (who will later become dinner, to Hannah's disgust).

The girls settle into the filthy guest room and Jessa flips through her Dad's 1979 Penthouse. Jessa admires their natural beauty and pronounces that the models should be proud: "In a way it's the most noble thing you can do -- to help a boy find his sexuality, to help a boy become a man."

Hannah snarkily agrees. "Probably the most noble, you know, besides a doctor or a firefighter," she says.

Jessa holds up the centerfold, cocks her head at Hannah and retorts, "Who says she's not a doctor?"