Sybil, Branson and baby.

Sybil, Branson and baby. (Carnival FIlm & Television Limited 2012 for Masterpiece / January 27, 2013)

"I hope she's burning in hell!" Anna says. And it was nice to see Anna get so mad and angsty for once.

What's O'Brien up to? Clearly she has a plan to ruin Thomas, and it involves the new footman, Jimmy Kent. She gets the two to work together repairing clocks (who knew Thomas was the expert clocksman), where he gets a bit too touchy-feeling with Jimmy's shoulder. Later, when Thomas touches him again, O'Brien notices what's going on, yet still tells Jimmy to stick by Thomas side for help. Then, a little devious O'Brien smirk.

Ethel didn't have a good week: Beyond her sister dying, she gets a job offer from a paper to write a weekly column about anything she desires and her father instantly dismisses the idea. "I'm always a failure in this family," she says. Blah.

Later, even Sybil's death cant bring she and Mary together. This was my favorite scene.

Mary: [Sybil] was the only person living who thought you and I were such nice people.

Edith: Oh, Mary. Do you think we might get along a little better in the future?

Mary: I doubt it. But since this is the last time we three will all be together in this life, let's love each other now as sisters should.

A brief hug. Really, Mary? "I doubt it." Hilarious.

Ethel. Again: Isobel Crawley decides to offer Ethel a job in her home, which leads to not only Mrs. Bird quitting in protest, but Ethel not even getting her tea right. Carson is none too happy with the news, and says that no one from Downton will ever set foot in Isobel's house if Ethel remains. Culture clash!

The best Dowager Countess line: DC wasn't as sharp-tongued as usual, but I thoroughly enjoyed this line: "A woman my age can face reality far better than most men." Truth.