Sybil, Branson and baby.

Sybil, Branson and baby. (Carnival FIlm & Television Limited 2012 for Masterpiece / January 27, 2013)

"Eclampsia," Clarkson remarks immediately; earlier in the day, he said he though Sybil had it. Tapsell puts his hand to his mouth. 

This was rough to watch: Sybil sweating, grabbing her head, starting to convulse. She starts getting seizures. "There's nothing that can be done," Clarkson says somberly.

"Help her! Help her, please! What's happening?!" Tom says, cradling his wife in his arms. He and Cora begin to cry, weep, yell. Robert is stunned into silence.

And suddenly it's all over. One last short breath, and Sybil has died. 

"This can't be. She's 24 years old. This cannot be," Robert says.

And the baby cries.

It was interesting to see the staff's reaction to the news that night, juxtaposed with the family's traumatic event upstairs. Daisy asks Carson what they can do.

"Carry on, Daisy. As we all must," is his reply.

Of all people, it's Thomas who shows the most emotional reaction. He basically crumbles when he hears the news and has to leave the room.

"In my life, not many people have been kind to me. She was one of the few," Thomas says to Anna. Wow, first-time sympathy points for Thomas.

Carson's sad reaction: "I knew her all of my life, you see. I've known her since she was born." He then holds Mrs. Hughes hand in silence."

But the most emotional momet comes when Cora is sitting in Sybil's room, alone, talking her her dead daughter. "We'll look after them. We'll look after them both. Don't worry about that." 

Yeah, you know you teared up.

In this scene, Cora also tells Mary to tell Robert to sleep in the dressing room that night. Does she blame her husband for Sybil's death?

We find the definitive answer the next night: hell yes. Cora tells the family she has to go and write Dr. Clarkson an apology letter.

"For what?" everyone asks.

"If we listened to him, she might be alive. But Sir Philip and your father knew better and now she's dead," she says.



The Bates saga: Looks like Mr. Bates might be out of prison soon.Now that Anna and her hubby are allowed to talk again, he takes great interest in what Mrs Bartlett mentioned to Anna about Vera's final hours. If Vera was seen cutting pastry from under her nails, it was from the pastry she was making with Bates was on the train back to Downton, which means Vera poisoned herself and framed Bates for it.