Ok, the dancing: Jacoby is still going to need to work on his posture. He's doing a good job of not hunching up his shoulders, but he's letting his back curve a little too much, especially as he's trying to launch Karina into the death spiral move.
Jacoby's mom is jumping up and down, screaming in the audience. I will vote for Jacoby every week (like I wouldn't anyway) if he promises to bring his Mom every week and ABC promises to show her. She's delightful.
Bruno is out of his chair, hollering about "Jacoby the Great and Powerful." Then he enthuses, "You were smoldering like a volcano of passion." He talks about how into the dance Jacoby was and that his extensions were beautiful. He mentions a "tiny, tiny thing" and warns Jacoby about his foot placement, his feet being too turned-in sometimes.
Carrie Ann says he has "incredible artistry." Len says he's shocked and then goes on to explain that he knew Jacoby could do the "goofy stuff" but that this rhumba had "a refinement and a quality of movement. Mood. Atmosphere."  We get another shot of an ecstatic Mrs. Jacoby's Mom and it's making my night.
Jacoby is talking to someone offstage and making faces at them and Brooke scolds him that she's trying to ask a serious question. Oh, cram it, Brooke. She asks about Hurricane Katrina and we don't hear him say anything that we didn't already hear in rehearsal footage. So useless, our Brooke.
When Jacoby is asked about what his mom thought of the dance, he says, "You heard her, didn't you? [imitating his mom's voice] 'That my baby. That my baby.'"
Scores: Carrie Ann Inaba: 8; Len Goodman: 8; Bruno Tonioli: 8.
Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani
Wynonna said her prom was very simple - she wore a simple dress and went with a friend. They're dancing tonight to "Pour Some Sugar on Me" which Wynonna feels calls for her to release her "inner tigress."
Tony decides to introduce Wynonna to pole dancing. Tony, what did we ever do to you? We even made you the winner last season and this is how you repay us?  Wynonna says she needs pole dancing "inspiration" and thankfully that just  means going to the Hard Rock and listening to Def Leppard. I was really really afraid we were headed to a strip club there for a second.