They're using the same raised square platform that Jacoby and Karina did in the first episode, when they had all the audience waving glow sticks.
There's a lot of personality in this routine, including a funny bit with D. L. shocking CHeryl back to life at  one point. Presumably with the power of his sexiness.
Len says if D. L. is a "sex machine," he's "America's Next Top Model." Len complains it was barely a salsa, had no rhythm, no hip action, and was as "untidy as a teenager's bedroom." Bruno appreciated the effort, but said D. L. looked like a candidate for hip replacement. Carrie Ann says D. L. is making "baby steps" and she's seeing the improvement.
D. L. says it's hard for him to move his hips because every time he does he has a baby. "It makes [me] think of child support."  (For the record, he has only three children, all by his wife, to whom he is still married.)
Scores: Carrie Ann: 6; Len: 5; Bruno: 5
Jacoby Jones & Karina Smirnoff
Paso Doble
Jacoby tells Karina  he went to his prom "on a last-minute thing." He was 5'7", 160 pounds, and went stag. Once at prom, he played some pranks and got kicked out. Oooh, scandal!
Jacoby's high school was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, when he was a college student. He's dedicating tonight's dance to that school, Marion Abramson High School.  
During rehearsals, Jacoby keeps saying "rhumba" to rhyme with "Roomba" the self-propelled vacuum cleaner. I wonder if he's seen that video of the cat riding around on one?
The stage is bathed in red light as he and Karina being dancing. Jacoby is wearing black pants and no shirt and it is a very nice view if you're into well-muscled male bodies. (I am.) It's a very, very sexy routine - expect a lot of newborns in the Baltimore area in about 40 weeks.