So, last week, I wasn't here for performance night and Dorothy withdrew on results night. Oh, and TOM BERGERON REPLIED TO A TWEET OF MINE AND TALKED ABOUT HIS BUTT AND I DIED AND AM WRITING THIS FROM THE GREAT BEYOND. Ahem.
Tonight is "Prom Night." Of course I went to my prom; I didn't want that "something's gone missing" feeling Iona described in Pretty in Pink. Oh, fun! The judges are decked out for prom night - Len in a bright pink ruffled tuxedo shirt and Bruno in a white tuxedo. Carrie Ann is in a gown, but that's not so different from every other week. Unless she's accessorized with a corsage. Tom is wearing a tuxedo with contrasting piping and Brooke has gone 80s big hair. She looks like every Miss America of my youth. Well, except for Vanessa Williams, who had a sleeker look.
All the couples are doing a big group dance to Fatboy Slim's "The Rockefeller Skank," with each couple getting a solo. We're supposed to vote on Twitter for our "prom king and queen." That was choreographed by Louis van Amstel, and Tom is quick to point out that the judges won't be scoring it.
Aly Reisman & Mark Ballas
Viennese Waltz
Aly says she never got to go to school dances because she was always training, but she did get to go to her prom. Mark teases her about how cute her date was and it's a sweet older brother/younger sister vibe between them.
There's some sort of extra up in the rafters dressed as Cupid and she shoots an arrow at the two of them to get it started. There's a lot of movement at the beginning that seems more suited to a contemporary routine than a Viennese waltz. Wonder what Len will think? There's a lot of twirling and flinging of arms and I guess that's good.
Len is wearing a GIANT velvet bow tie and criticizes them, lets the crowd boo him, and then busts out "April Fools." Oh, wait, now I think Bruno's tux may be a very pale green? He gives legitimate dance critique and I love it when he does that. Carrie Ann wants Aly to work on staying more in character. Len and Bruno disagree with Carrie Ann - Len sticking up for Aly most of all. What did they put in his boutonnière?
We see pictures of Brooke and Tom from their prom nights and Tom had some wonderfully thick '70s hair. Bless him.  
Translating what Brooke asks Aly, it's something like, "You're so young and despite being a freakin' gold medalist, you've never known love? How do you not throw yourself off a bridge, you old maid? Whoops, I meant, how do you get in character?" I may be projecting slightly.
Scores: Carrie Ann: 7; Len: 8; Bruno: 8