'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Jacoby Jones gets mixed reviews on Stevie Wonder night

I’m pleased to note in the skybox that where the female pros on her team have tops slit down to their navels, Zendaya has what my mom would call a “modesty panel” sewn into her costume, giving her a perfectly respectable neckline. That kid is a credit to her parents.

And now it’s time for Team Samba to perform. They are in a circle, arms joined, facing out, with a giant disco ball in the middle of the ring. The men are dressed like the '50s on their heads and the 70s on their bodies. And the women are pure go-go girls from the '60s. Somewhere, an actual costumer weeps and sets a bustle on fire.

I will say this, having your team dance in a giant circle holding arms is a GREAT way to insure synchronization. As they dance, the disco ball rises until it’s off the stage completely. After a few short moves as a group, they split off into solos. Up first, Sean and Peta.  I’m surprised they didn’t put Andy in that spot. Mark & Aly go next, with a lot of “hustle moves.

Sharna takes the time honored route of having Andy mostly stay in one place while she dances around him. Derek has problems with his state trooper sunglasses throughout his and Kellie’s whole solo. They finish with more “everybody in a circle” moves.

Bruno says even Andy managed to keep it in synch. See? See? Circle choreography is magic. Carrie Ann liked it. Len says it was “tight and together” and tells them all “well done.

While Kellie’s being interviewed, I’m 99 percent positive Jacoby goosed her. Derek is so in love with his moustache he’s not paying attention. Y’all my cat would have better control of this skybox than Brooke. And I mean my DUMBEST cat, not the smart one that rings a bell when he wants to go outside.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8, Len: 9, Bruno: 8

These team dances are very, very good news for Andy and Sean, not such great news for Ingo and Victor.


Kellie & Derek: 29 + 25 = 54

Aly & Mark: 27 + 25 = 52

Zendaya & Val: 29 +22 = 51

Sean & Peta: 21 +25 = 46

Ingo & Kym: 24 + 22 = 46

Jacoby & Karina: 23 + 22 = 45

Andy & Sharna: 18 + 25 = 43

Victor & Lindsay: 18 + 22 = 40

I kinda hate that the group dance means Ingo and Sean are both ahead of Jacoby, but I’m not at all worried about his fan base keeping him around. If nothing else, you know his mom has got everyone she knows voting on every phone in their house and at least five different emails, per person. She’s fierce, that lady. She might even be driving herself around to everyone she knows and saying, “Can I come in and use your phone to vote for my baby? Won’t take a minute.” I’d let her in. I’d give her a cup of tea, too.

I think it’s curtains for Victor tomorrow night and Andy has that group dance and the power of circle dancing to thank.