'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Jacoby Jones gets mixed reviews on Stevie Wonder night

Back from commercial break, Stevie Wonder is standing in the middle of the ballroom floor while several female pros dance around him as he sings “Sir Duke.” The women take turns coming up to Stevie and touching him and dancing up and down him. He may not be able to appreciate the sparkle of their costumes, but I think he’s still having a good time.

Ingo Rademacher & Kym Johnson



It’s Ingo’s birthday today and he’s wanting to break out of the bottom pack of dancers.  I’m both baffled and impressed they’re doing a tango to such an up-tempo song. And the band isn’t slowing it down for them at all.

Oooh, ooh! Lift! I saw it! Kym may have been trying to drag her feet but she didn’t succeed.

Bruno says Ingo can turn it on when he wants to. He thought he kept control and had beautiful lines, but did have a couple of foot faults. Carrie Ann asks him if he likes the tango and when he says yes, she says she could tell he liked the dance and that made him like it better. She compliments his “erect” posture and the ballroom titters because we are a nation founded by Puritans. Len says it was sharp and crisp and the dance suited him.

Carrie Ann didn’t say anything about the lift, so she either didn’t see it or is in a good enough mood to ignore it. Ingo says his birthday wish is to make it through to next week.

Scores: Carrie Ann: 8, Len: 8, Bruno: 8

Highest score for him this season -- take that as your birthday present, Ingo.

Kellie Pickler & Derek Hough


“Part Time Lover”

Confession, I totally didn’t get this song when I was a kid. I just thought it was part time because they didn’t want to work a full-time job. Oh, naivete.

Kellie interviews that patience is running thin in rehearsal this week because of exhaustion. She gets excited whenever Derek makes a mistake.

I LOVE the disco swinger styling (red silky pantsuit, big permed wig, dangly jewelry) they’ve given Kellie for this -- it suits the lyrics of the song, if not the quickstep. She is really getting all the quickness of the quickstep. Who knew Kellie Pickler would be this good a dancer? Not me, and I’m delighted to see it now.

Carrie Ann says it was perfect, except for one little thing, a space in the hold which caused some out-of-syncness. Bruno and Len both look around like she’s crazy and hold hands in solidarity.

Len says it was the best dance he’s seen in Season 6. Len thinks it would be impossible to maintain the speed and intensity that Kellie and Derek did without occasionally losing contact. He accuses Carrie Ann of being finicky and she starts crabbing.  Bruno says that even the professionals lose the hold sometimes. He says it was traditional and exciting.

Serious question: Is the once-a-week close-up in Harold Wheeler’s contract?

Kellie interviews that she hopes her teasing of Derek about his mistakes didn’t come off “ugly.” I love that Southern expression, “being ugly.”