'Dancing With the Stars' recap, Jacoby and Karina rock the place

Colombia rock superstar Juanes  performs because this is a live show and we need to do something while the couple change costumes for Round 2. Wikipedia tells me this guy is 40. Give me the name of his dermatologist.

Each winner of the dance-offs will win 3 extra points. Sharna points out that for the very first time, Andy will get picked first for a competition. Ha! Val is hoping he and Zendaya don’t get rumba, “for obvious reasons.” I’m glad he feels that way too.

Aly & Mark get to pick who they’re dancing against, and they do prey on the weak -- as they should, it’s a competition after all -- and choose Andy & Sharna. They get to pick the dance style. As Andy is taking his time on the decision, Tom starts whistling the Jeopardy! theme. Wonder how much that will cost them?

If you didn’t think Mark had spats on hand to match Aly’s dress, you’ve never read any of my recaps ever. Hope you’ve been enjoying your first one so far.

Yay for Andy being a good sport, but this is no contest. The judges agree. And the comments here are more pointless than usual. Winner, officially: Aly & Mark


Kellie & Derek: 29 -- Immune from elimination

Aly & Mark: 29

Zendaya & Val: 27

Sean & Peta: 24

Ingo & Kym: 22

Jacoby & Karina: 27

Andy & Sharna: 17

I kinda hate that the group dance means Ingo and Sean are both ahead of Jacoby, but I’m not at all worried about his fan base keeping him around. If nothing else, you know his mom has got everyone she knows voting on every phone in their house and at least five different emails, per person. She’s fierce, that lady. She might even be driving herself around to everyone she knows and saying, “Can I come in and use your phone to vote for my baby? Won’t take a minute.” I’d let her in. I’d give her a cup of tea, too.

I think it’s curtains for Victor tomorrow night and Andy has that group dance and the power of circle dancing to thank.