'American Idol' recap, The ladies' final sudden death round

Last night, 10 ladies sang for their lives and a chance to secure one of the five spots in their final sudden death round.

As we get closer to the bigger stage and more viewers, where our votes count, one would think that the girls would come with their big guns. I'm still feeling like perhaps some of the better talent are on the cutting room floor back in Hollywood.

The show kicked off with the "raw talent" of Melinda, who sang a song that Angela did better earlier in the season. Nicki pulled no punches, letting Melinda know that as she sang, she could only think of and remember Angela's rendition.

Of the five gazillion songs out there, I often wonder why we hear any repeat performances on the show. We'll see if Melinda learns a pricey lesson for this not-so-wise move.

Next up, Candace. She made every chick feel like a natural woman with the R&B classic. Quite sure Candace will stick around after that one. Go Candace!

Compared to Taylor Swift and Jewel, little Julianna sang with her big guitar. We're not quite sure if she's being held to the same standards simply because she's 15. Close your eyes, forget her age and let me know if you're still on board with this one. Nope, not me. Next!

Jett left the judges wanting more during her performance. If I were Jett, I'd probably be thinking that my buns won't be warming one of the five stools.

Aubrey took a huge risk and sang Beyonce's "Sweet Dream" and it was indeed a sweet dream and not a "beautiful nightmare" and she looked amazing.

According to the judges, Rachel and Janelle "tried too hard."

Brianna threatened to "Bust the Windows Out Your Car" with Jasmine Sullivan's hit, while Cristabel pulled out another Alicia Keys fan favorite with "No One." Both ladies did a great job, but it's not up to us yet -- it's all up to the judges.

We learned more about Zoanette and her journey and she pulled off The Lion King's "Circle of Life." Not quite certain whether she's a good singer or that we just like the drama and surprise she brings each time. But after last night, I'm thinking she's here to stay.

Each of the girls had their chance to fight for a seat, some did better than others and some just were not on their A game.

Zoanette. Yes

Melinda. Yes

Julianna and her big guitar. No.

Aubrey. Yes.

Cristabel. No (Surprised me)

Candace. Yes.

Jett. No.

Brianna. Yes.

Rachel . No.

Janelle. Yes.

Tonight, the boys. Going in to this season, I really thought the girls were stronger contenders, but tonight's show didn't prove that to me. I'm thinking tonight we'll be in for something special, that something that the girls didn't deliver last night.

Next week it's up to us, we get to cast our votes and we get closer to discovering this year's "American Idol." See ya tonight boys, it's "Idol," baby!

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