'American Horror Story'

Nikki Hahn as Jenny Reynolds and Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice have a nice chat. (FX / November 22, 2012)

Evil has many faces. This episode proved evil comes in many sizes, too.

A young girl is dropped off at Briarcliff by her mother, who believes her daughter Jenny stabbed her child playmate, Josey.

Jenny told police that a tall, bearded man with a brown coat was the murderer. Maybe if Kit blamed Alma's death on Jesse James or Santa Claus instead of aliens, he'd be free too.

Sister Jude doesn't know what to do with the mini homicidal sociopath so she entrusts Jenny to the perfect babysitter -- Satan Mary Eunice.

Among the invaluable advice Mary Eunice gives Jenny:

"She deserved it, that Josey."

"You were born with the gift of authentic impulse."

"Don't be a whiner. You're smarter than they are. Maybe you just need to learn how to defend yourself."

Jenny's tenure at Briarcliff doesn't last long, as Sister Jude sends her home prematurely. Coincidently, Jenny's whole family ends up dead. Her brothers and sisters are found with their throats slashed and her mom with a knife in the back.

That tall, bearded man with the brown jacket is really keeping busy.

The origins of monstrosity

Zachary Quinto continues to shine in his portrayal of Oliver Thredson, convincing as both the once soft-spoken doctor and now hostile maniac.

The episode's title refers to both Thredson and Arden, as we're treated to more backstory on both characters.

Thredson's mental illness stems from abandonment issues. His mother left him as a child and the future Buffalo Bill was raised in an orphanage.

That's unfortunate for Thredson, but it doesn't fully explain his behavior. Mogli from the "Jungle Book" was raised by wolves and he didn't go on a killing spree.

Lana tries to appeal to Thredson's emotions in hopes that he will relate to her. And it works. With his Bloody Face mask on, Thredson attempts to kill Lana but she lets him call her mommy and the situation is diffused.

Thredson crawls into the fetal position and all is well. Of course, everything would have been fine in the first place if Kit didn't call Thredson a liar on the phone and the psychiatrist's plan wasn't discovered by those meddling kids/mental patients.

Anyway, back to Thredson's upbringing.

The doctor had to experience somewhat of a normal adolescence, as he was able to ride his intelligence to medical school. It was there that he realized his obsession with skin. But the cold subjects used for medical research weren't warm enough for his liking. So Thredson developed a routine to capture living subjects.

From beauty to the beast