'American Horror Story'

Sister Eunice has a word with monseigneur Timothy Howard. Meanwhile, Santa Claus is coming to town. (FX / December 6, 2012)

Mary Eunice then proceeds to decorate the tree with dentures, jars and other possessions.

Best known for playing Blackbeard in Pirates of the Caribbean, Ian McShane was convincing as the deranged Santa. Too bad that like Mark Margolis' character Sam Goodman, McShane's character had a short life on the show.

There's a scene at the end of the episode where Dr. Arden is carrying Grace's body in a wheelbarrow when a bright light intervenes and the body disappears. The aliens must be a species of lonely men. They seem to only abduct women.

What we learned

Never trust Dr. Arden. Wait, didn't everyone in Briarcliff know that from day one? Apparently Sister Jude's drinking had a big impact on her short-term memory.

Santa doesn't care if you're naughty or nice. He's an equal-opportunity killer.

The mad Santa was thrown in jail around Christmas after stealing a loaf of bread and there he was raped by other inmates. The crime was so traumatizing, it led the man to wear the Santa suit and kill to show his displeasure with Christmas.

What to expect next week

It's Sister Jude's turn to be held captive. Monsignor Timothy Howard continues to support Arden by chaining Jude to a bed. Will she get the electro-shock therapy treatment? It would be a welcome sight for Lana.

Dylan McDermott makes his return, this time playing the role of patient consulting a psychiatrist. He has a lot to get off his chest, including a confession to a surprising secret.