'American Horror Story'

Sister Eunice has a word with monseigneur Timothy Howard. Meanwhile, Santa Claus is coming to town. (FX / December 6, 2012)

Sister Mary Eunice loves two things: killing and encouraging others to kill. She does plenty of both in this episode.

Her newest recruit: Santa Claus. Or not really Santa, but a deranged madman who is locked up for killing 18 people from five families in one night, all while donning the traditional Santa outfit.

"I'm not feeling very Christmassy,' he said before putting a bullet through the heads of a man and his wife.

The scene was the first of two flashbacks showing the dangerous nature of the bearded patient.

As the couple's daughter Suzy walked down the stairs minutes prior to the shooting, I got the feeling viewers weren't in for a Cindy Lou Who moment where the young girl's innocence would help move the nutcase from his psychotic ledge.

"Where's your beard," the girl asked him.

"I shaved. It was scratchy."

"Why are you here? Christmas isn't for six days."

"That's what you get for letting Rudolph organize your calendar," the crazed man answered.

We can only assume the girl was one of the 18 victims.

In the second flashback, we are shown that Sister Jude has plenty of reason to fear the terminator version of Santa.

During a Briarcliff Christmas party, the patient went Hannibal Lecter and chewed off an orderlies' face. His punishment: rotting away in solitary confinement for a year without a check-up from Sister Jude.

But the holidays come early for crazy Santa when Sister Mary Eunice releases her newest pawn from his cell. Briarcliff's resident security guard Frank becomes Sister Mary Eunice's latest victim with a slashed throat in the process.

Santa's first visit as a free man is to see Sister Jude. The killer didn't exactly have Jude on his "nice" list, but more on that later.

An unlikely union

It took Sister Jude and Dr. Arden a lifetime to figure out what everyone else in the asylum already knew. Sister Mary Eunice is not the same shy girl who was afraid to take a bite of Arden's candy apple.

Dr. Arden tests this notion by offering Sister Mary Eunice a romantic gift: ruby earrings he confiscated from a dead Jewish girl who kept the accessories hidden in her stool.

Hoping for rejection, Arden gets mad when Sister Mary Eunice likes his distasteful present.

"I was expecting you to throw them back in my face," Arden says, telling the nun that he knows she's the devil.

"If you're against me, even God can't help you," Mary Eunice tells him.