'American Horror Story'

Evan Peters as Kit on "American Horror Story." (FX)

Not everyone deserves a second chance, but most of the characters on "American Horror Story" didn't belong in the Briarcliff Manor asylum in the first place.

For those who survived the torturous evil of Dr. Arden, demon Mary Eunice and Dr. Oliver Thredson, this week's episode was about redemption and starting life anew.

That is, except for Pepper. The little bald mutant gets sentenced to steaming bath therapy in what might be her last appearance. And Sister Jude, who will have plenty of time to diddle herself with cucumbers now that all her friends are gone.

But for everyone else, vengeance is sweet.

Mother Claudia releases Lana from the asylum and gives Ms. Winters "documentation of every foul thing" that was done to her at Briarcliff. Now Lana can write her tell-all book, the one that cost her a lover and brought her an illegitimate child.

Together, Mother Claudia and Lana share their desire to take down Briarcliff.

"I want it pulled down and the Earth salted," says the nun.

As Lana takes off in a cab, Thredson observes her riding away, middle finger pressed against the window and the confession tape sealed and ready to be sent to the authorities.

But Lana isn't happy with just her freedom. Her first stop after Briarcliff Manor is Thredson's house, where she plans to wait for the cops.

"I am the one who's going to put your ass in the electric chair," she tells the doctor.

Knowing Thredson, he would probably get a sexual thrill from that.

The doctor doesn't seem too rattled by Lana’s threat. He laughs at the thought of being ruled insane.

"I have no use for you anymore," Thredson says as he reaches for a gun. "At best, you should be known as my last victim."

Instead Lana makes Thredson her victim by blowing a hole through his head. This is no country for paroled men. Lana wasn't going to allow Thredson the chance to ever be free again.

Unfinished business

Before leaving the asylum, Lana thanks Sister Jude and says, "I'm coming back for you Jude. I won't leave you here."

Lana tries to make good on that promise by entering Briarcliff with police backup and a warrant but Monsignor Timothy Howard is uncooperative.

"She's dead," he tells the police. In what he calls "the saddest day of my life," the monsignor says Jude hung herself.

"You murdered her," Lana proclaims. "You might as well have tied the noose yourself."