'American Horror Story'

Sister Mary Eunice has a word with Frank. (FX / November 29, 2012)

Dr. Arden's creatures follow Kit, killing a nun, and drawing attention in the process. Frank the security guard, who has orders to shoot Kit on sight, comes into the room and pulls the trigger as Grace jumps in front of Kit.

"Take me," she tells the Angel of Death, as Kit looks on, alone and defeated.

Final thoughts:

Sister Jude must be the least qualified nun to ever wear the cloth. She's an alcoholic, promiscuous, former lounge singer who ran over a little girl, ran into a tree in the Briarcliff courtyard and runs from her problems in general. It's not surprising to find out she's contemplated suicide several times.

The Angel of Death must feel the same, as she tells Sister Jude that it's time for her to have some peace.

Briarcliff is becoming a cemetery. Shelley, Grace, Leo, Teresa, and the Hispanic patient have all died there (or suffered their life-threatening injuries there in Shelley's case). It's becoming a battle royale match -- last patient standing gets to live.

Lana told Sister Mary Eunice that Dr. Thredson is Bloody Face. Was Lana not paying attention to the odd behavior of the nun before she left the asylum? Not only does Sister Mary Eunice already know this fun fact, but she encouraged Thredson by telling him she admires his work.

What we learned:

There is one good bone in Dr. Arden's body. Usually acting as the Angel of Death himself, the doctor tries to save Grace's life after she's found bleeding and missing the aforementioned parts.

"I will not be the one to take the fall for this," he tells her. "You will live, Grace. If only to set the record straight."

Dr. Arden does save Grace, but a bullet from Frank the security guard nullifies his effort.

What to expect next week:

In the spirit of giving, Sister Mary Eunice releases a deranged patient on the rest of the asylum.

Sister Jude and Dr. Oliver Thredson make their return to Briarcliff. Based on Sister Mary Eunice's recent actions, I can't see her turning in Thredson.