'Amazing Race'

The Twins claim to be the most badass Sri Lankans you'll ever meet. True or false? (CBS)

As much as I enjoy Team Chipp, they are no verbal match for Team Goat Farmer this week. "There are just some things the gays are naturally good at, and balloons are one of them."

Many balloon animals were harmed during the filming of this show

That's another quote from Phil. Small Superfan takes the Roadblock and has a meltdown. The heat makes his glasses fog, the sweat makes the balloons slippery. Every other team finishes before he makes one balloon. Lucky for him, Tall Superfan forces him to take a breath and drink some water. He finishes, they move on, but Small beats himself up in the cab.

Is it too soon for lost taxi drivers? Too bad!

After the Roadblock, teams have to find a motor shop. Well, their cab drivers do. Team Legs and Team Monster Truck each end up standing on the road, asking for help. Girl Legs, who sounds a lot like Alicia Silverstone, asks a local to call Information. "We don't have Information in Indonesia!" laughs the local.

In the Detour, teams chose between moving ice or sorting fish. The Twins are the only team to choose fish, and it pays off as they finish ahead of their best friends Team Texi. However, they hit the Pit Stop mat smelling like fish. Phil is not excited by this, but they hug him anyway. They also win an Express Pass for coming in first, so they'll be around a while longer.

Team Superfan, meanwhile, has caught up to the lost Monster Truckers, and they compete at moving ice. Well, Superfan doesn't really compete. They are already sad and dejected. Where's their spirit?

They finally made it on the show after seven tries, and one little balloon-animal setback has them feeling defeat? Superfans never say die! I want to cheer for them, but they don't even run to the Pit Stop.

"Take in the smell," Tall says to Small, "we'll never be here again." Their frowns turn upside down real quick when Phil tells them they're still in the Race. I expect to see more fight out of you next week, Superfan!

Sadly, the Lost Taxi of Doom has doomed Team Legs. They finish the Detour, possibly close to the other teams, it's hard to tell. And they run for the Pit Stop like good Racers. But Phil has no good news for them. Farewell, Legs, I'm really sorry to see you go.

Next week: I can't even describe it, it's all crazy. Maybe someone fries an egg on their head?