'Amazing Race'

The Twins claim to be the most badass Sri Lankans you'll ever meet. True or false? (CBS)

It's the second leg of "The Amazing Race," and we learn some interesting factoids about the teams.

For example, one of the blondes snorts when she is almost hit by a taxi. Was it a snort of laughter? Or of fear? It all happened so quickly.

Also, were you wondering how Team Monster Truck met? Her former husband was his best friend, and the husband was killed in an accident. Wow. At least they're both happy now, although I think they would be even happier if they both had green hair.

Last fun fact: The Twins claim to be the opposite of divas, and in fact they say they are the "most badass Sri Lankans you will meet." I hope you remember that the next time you meet some Sri Lankans.

On with the show!

Airport Scramble-a-Go-Go

Remember how Team Chipp worried me last week by almost coming in last? This week they are saved by airport bunching, as everyone tries to find the best flight to Indonesia.

Team Monster Truck is the Anti-Bunch, the lone wolf, the renegade, the would-be rebellious rock star team except this season already has a real rebellious rock star team.

Monster Truck takes a flight to Hong Kong because it leaves earlier, but it has a four-hour layover. Yikes! They talk a positive game, hoping to be in first place, but they are not. By the way, their strategy is to wait for the younger teams to burn out and then roll on through. Let's see how that works for them!

Classic Challenge

If you follow Phil Keoghan on Twitter, you will learn that he characterizes a classic Race challenge as something "indigenous to the region and slightly bizarre." Welcome to Indonesian bull racing, then.

Strong-hearted locals attach a slim wooden platform between two bulls and then ride on the platform while pulling the bulls' tails (that's what it looked like) to make them run. Other locals race the bulls on a motorbike. Spoiler alert: The bulls almost always win.

All teams bunched up the night before and took numbers to race the bulls. Unfortunately they do not ride the platform between the bulls. They don't even drive the motorbike, they simply hold on. It's really just a task to stagger them, not slow them, so Team Rock On finishes first and Team Monster Truck is last.

Mismatched Accent Alliance

The Twins decide to pair up with Team Texi, calling them "cute" because they're so far away from home. I can't think of any stronger reason to form an alliance on this show, actually, so let's go with it.

Ain't no party like an Amazing Race party in Indonesia

The next task is a Roadblock that simply asks, "Who likes to party?" Now the twins, as loud and un-diva-like as they are, have seen this show before. They know that this alleged party will probably not include alcohol, so they appoint the lesser partier.

The Roadblock task is to pedal a bicycle-powered kiddie ride (like you see outside of K-Mart) while making balloon animals. Keeping the kids on the ride happy is a good idea, too. Who's good at this? Team Rock On, Team Chipp, Team Texi, the Twins. Who's not so good? Monster Truckers and Superfans.

Quote of the Week