U-Turn, Curse of the Chickens

Now, after the Detour there is a double-blind U-Turn. The Fearless Friends find it first, and they U-Turn Team YouTube because of the alliance. The picture of YouTube has them making sad faces, which is funny and true.

So, YouTube plays human chess and wins. They discover that they are U-Turned, so they choose to U-Turn Team Mullet. I’m not exactly sure why, they just say it's to stay in the Race. I guess it's a good guess that Mullet is behind them? The teams left at chess were their alliance buddies and the Singers, so they didn't have many options.

Joey is thrilled to carry chickens. If you need a chicken-carrying attitude, thrilled is a good one.

When they get to the market, one woman tells another woman, "These people want the same as the other people!" The workers laugh at how Joey is carrying the chickens, "Look at that Westerner selling chickens!" But they seem to help, just handing over what they supposedly gave to previous teams.

YouTube gets to the scales behind Mullet. Mullet is discovering that they are missing a few things, and then they notice Joey's chickens, so they run off for chickens.

When YouTube weighs in, they discover that the locals were not so helpful. Pretty much nothing on their shopping list is correct. Maybe the locals figured the Westerner didn't know what he wanted? Maybe they were playing a trick? I don't know, but the truth is that the way Joey carried his chickens said a lot about him.

After all that, YouTube is done with the Detour and Mullet is U-Turned. At the Mat, Meghan claims to be a ball of fiery righteousness and revenge now that she's been U-Turned.

Finally Mullet arrives at the Mat. They assume, correctly, that they are in last place. Wynona tells Phil that she's the weakest player. Chuck says that he's proud of her and he loves her, but admits that maybe they bit off more than they could chew.

Phil informs them that Father/Son withdrew from the Race, so they are still in it. Wynona bends over and cries, but says thank you. Phil is shocked. "Thank you? I feel like I’ve sent you to some terrible torturous…"

"It is torturous but we still want to do it," they say. Hah! Extra double points for Phil on the Mat this week. 

The patriotic song plays again over the end credits, so everyone remember to be loyal and pure! Next week we head to Botswana and somebody eats a scorpion.