Fearless Friend Pam is an art director and she has a good visual memory, so she finds the correct poster first. Everyone else gets to sit through the song again. Chuck, Singer Jen and Newlywed Katie get it on the next round.

Meghan and Mom Beth try to help each other, which backfires when Meghan finds the right poster but they can't find another one in time. They're clinging to that alliance as it drags them down, I suppose.


I'd be more worried about my ankles than my hands

To get the next clue, teams have to go through a traditional bamboo dance. Picture two bamboo sticks laying on the ground, with one person holding a stick in each hand at one end, and another person at the other end. In rhythm, the people spread the sticks apart and bang them on the ground, then they bring the sticks together and bang them.

Now imagine about thirty sets of bamboo sticks in a line banging on the ground. Now jump in between the sticks without letting them close on your ankles. Yay, traditional dance of ankle hobbling!

It must be easier than it looks, because the only reason teams don't complete it on their first try is if they don't hold hands while dancing. Chuck and Wynona, who have been together for twenty-four years but have been working opposite schedules for the last year, do the dance at least four times before they notice they have to hold hands. I call the lack of intimacy foreshadowing!


Human Chess alert!

One side of the Detour calls for teams to study a chess game board where the pieces are symbols, not figures. Then they go to a courtyard where lots of people are milling about wearing costumes with symbols on them. The teams have to choose people to match four of the chess pieces and place them on a giant chessboard.

The best part of this is when the Singers have no idea what they're supposed to do. They try playing chess with the humans, but it doesn’t work. 

The Friends, Hockey, YouTube, and Moms finish before the Singers.


However you pronounce it 

The other Detour choice has the teams collecting shopping baskets and baskets of chickens, then going to a market to collect specific weights of ingredients to make Pho. Once they have everything, they make some Pho and feed it to a chef to get their clue.

The list is in English. Newlyweds wrangle a friendly local to help them, but they are thwarted by the Seller of Peppers, who thinks 500 grams of peppers is too much, so she only sells them 50 grams. Ha! Eventually the Newlyweds get everything and Max, my new best friend, the self-proclaimed better chef of the couple, cooks the Pho and they are done. 

By the way, Max tells us that he is ready to be pretentious when he eats Pho at home. He'll say, "I had this in Hanoi and it was way better."

Chuck and Wynona are not so lucky. First, they don't grab the baskets of chickens. Then they can't find the market so they hire a rickshaw driver and he takes them to the wrong market. While Chuck talks to people against a language barrier, Wynona complains to the camera and I sense a love barrier.

I know she's just really insecure, feeling like she's the worst player in the Race. But it looks like she just deflects it onto Chuck and complains that he's not listening to her. Maybe he's not, but it's because he's talking to other people to accomplish the task. I don't think she's offered any suggestions, other than saying he's doing it all wrong.