Sadness break

In the morning, Dave and Connor go to the Pit Stop to withdraw from the Race. They could have done it anytime, anywhere, so I really like that they chose to visit with Phil one more time and make it formal. With the way the production is timed, they probably waited through the night for the Pit Stop to be set up so they could stand on the mat one last time.

Dave and Connor are weepy, as they are wont to be. Phil is, too, but only deep in his heart where you can't see it. Can you imagine Phil’s emotions with this elimination as compared to the last one?

As they leave, Connor tells his father, "I would rather run four legs with you than win a million dollars with anyone else." Aw.


Dance break

And now is the time on the Race when we embrace other cultures! For the Roadblock, team members must watch a performance of a patriotic song. At the end, dancers will reveal words of a quote. Racers will have five minutes before the next performance to search racks of political posters for the same quote.

These performers are like high school students. The main singers are three handsome young men wearing white shirts and red ties. Katie says they’re like One Direction.

I transcribed the song, because the captioners on the Race did it, and you might enjoy it.

Vietnam Communist party is glorious

The light is guiding us to victory

Long live independence and freedom of our nation

Our land does not forget the truth in your name

Vietnam, we are going to the century of light

Socialism is growing more beautiful with time

Follow the party's step, be loyal, be pure

Although the path has been muddy with rain and dusty with sun

Vietnam, spring has come!

It's like the people who write victory songs for "American Idol" wrote a patriotic song for Vietnam, that's how awesome this song is. The written phrase at the end means: "Glory to our young generation."