'The Amazing Race'

Fact: The Chippendales are far more prone to get what they want when their shirts are off. (CBS / October 29, 2012)

Remember last week when the Twins screamed a lot? And it was hot? It happens again this week on "The Amazing Race," only without the Superfans sadly trailing behind.

Team Rock On won the Fast Forward last week, so they start first. James's father (not specified whether he is Abba's father as well) had some cancer tests, and James learns via video chat with his wife that his father has no chance of remission. Not good news for him, but the family tells him to race on and make his dad proud. So they're off to find an eggplant vendor. 

One cup of eggplant has about 30 calories and almost 10 percent of your daily fiber. Sadly, the teams are not required to eat any eggplant, just to grab a clue and move on.

This recap will now be presented to you with a series of questions.

Is it racist?

The Twins and Abbie and Her Boyfriend leave at the same time and have a taxi race to the eggplants. The Twins tell their driver to "beat the goras." They tell us that goras means white people in Hindi, but it's not racist, it's just a color. You make the call!

What life skill best helps you to build a Bangladeshi scale?

The Roadblock challenge is to build a scale using three bamboo poles, some rope, and some sticks, like a tripod. Then they affix some platforms and weigh a bundle of sticks against some rocks.

Rock On James takes the challenge so that Abba can rest his knees. James points out that 40 years ago he was a Boy Scout and learned how to lash things together, but he's since forgotten the process. "I can assure you, though, that throughout the '80s I was no Boy Scout," he says with a wink. Oh James, quit being so self-aware.

Chippendale James also builds the scale. He reports that his dad is a carpenter, and he seems to finish the task with no problem. Well, except he told the crowd, "Y'all can cheer if you want," and he only got one man to halfheartedly applaud. He probably should have taken off his shirt.

Goat Farmer Brent does the Roadblock, saying he builds things all the time on the farm. He was a physician before he because a goat farmer, and used to treat people for dehydration, but he's never experienced it himself before now. Did I mention it's really hot? And humid? Brent's scale has one stick out of position, and his melted brain has a difficult time seeing it. He finishes the task in last place.

Which team is more obnoxious?

Team Dominate is at the Roadblock at the same time as the Twins. Remember last week, when Twin 1 kept yelling "Come on, Twinnie," and Phil made a drinking game out of it, and Abbie and Her Boyfriend were really annoyed? Remember also that the Twins seem to hate Abbie and Ryan? It's like that again.

Abbie is building the scale, one Twin is cheering on the other Twin. Ryan asks, "Are you gonna yell the whole time?" Then he starts mockingly shouting "Twinnie!" Twin enlists small children to yell "Go Twinnie!" with her.

When Ryan tells Abbie that she is dominating, Twin disagrees and says that Other Twin is, in fact, dominating. Ryan clarifies that Abbie is dominating her own scale, and that Abbie's domination in no way diminishes Other Twin's domination of anything.

In an interview, the Twins say that Ryan is rude and obnoxious. They just don't get his nerdy charm at all.

How many locals get whacked in the head with bamboo?

The Detour: Straw Dogs or Bamboo Jungle. In Straw Dogs, they whip unprocessed jute on a bed of nails to untangle 20 coils, then transport it to machines that manufacture it into jute bags. Jute has been used for centuries for sacks, ropes, carpet, and fabric.

In Bamboo Jungle, teams collect 40 poles of bamboo in three different lengths (manageable, long, and dangerously long). Then they lash it onto a rickshaw and deliver it to a construction site. Bamboo produces about 30 percent more oxygen than trees, did you know that?

Abbie and Her Boyfriend are the only ones to choose the jute. Ryan points out that the factory is about 110 degrees inside, and it takes "pure jute force" to whip the jute. There's my nerdy boyfriend. The task seems quicker than bamboo, because they finish it before the Twins finish the bamboo.