'Amazing Race' recap, A cheesy time in Switzerland

Hey, Chuck and Wynona, how are you doing? Wynona is nervous and troubled and shaky. It takes her a little while, but not hours and hours. They missed that train, though. The next one is in a half an hour, because people on mountain tops have places to go! Frequently! Chuck: “Babe, I wish you coulda moved. Katie did it in like two minutes.” Wynona correctly points out that his only response should be, “Good job.”

Oh, the cheese!

Do you remember in Season 14 when they had to transport giant wheels of cheese down a hill? And the cheese kept escaping? And people were going crazy with the cheese? That was a good time. One of the best, apparently, because they’re doing it again, only in the snow!

Both team members have to climb up a pretty big hill to a shed. Then, using a traditional sled, they transport four fifty-pound wheels of cheese to a barn at the bottom of the hill. Katie gets some free points from me for remembering the challenge and being fearful because of it.

The hill is covered in snow. There’s a rope they can use to help climb up, but when their shoes have no traction it’s still tricky. Katie and Max, Bates and Anthony, Mona and Beth, and Caroline and Jennifer all head up the hill.

Team Hockey gets there first and they each put two wheels of cheese on their little wooden sleds. Then they get in front of the sled and let it push them down the hill. Whoosh! Coming down is a lot easier in the snow, the cheese just doesn’t escape as far. With some minor avalanches, all the teams finish the cheese just as YouTube and Chuck and Wynona approach the challenge.

Wynona has trouble climbing the hill. Chuck has both sleds and puts his head at her behind to literally head-butt her up the hill. Chuck really does not want to lose. Near the top, he climbs ahead of her and pulls her up. I give him credit for not leaving her behind, but then again, he needs her.

Joey and Meghan slide cheese down the hill, shrieking, “Oh, the cheese! The cheese!”

At the top of the hill, Chuck loads the sleds upside down because he thinks the cheese will stay on better. The trouble is, then the sleds don’t slide so well. Wynona grabs a wheel and starts throwing it down the hill, saying she’ll take care of one if he does the other three. So they roll the cheese down the hill without their sleds. Uh oh — we get an ominous shot of an abandoned sled at the top of the hill.

Pit Stop shed

Hockey comes in first place, again. Mona and Beth are team number two, Max and Katie are third, and Caroline and Jennifer are fourth.

Meghan and Joey have delivered their cheese and are looking for the Pit Stop. Everyone else has taken a cab, but they can’t find one and end up wandering towards the Pit Stop on foot.

Chuck and Wynona deliver cheese as Wynona observes, “Who in the hell puts cheese at the top of the hill?” Wynona, you are in a country that put a train at the top of a hill. That’s just what they do here in Switzerland.

Oh boy, Chuck and Wynona find a cab! They are at the Pit Stop! Holy cheese I did not expect that! Phil greets them, but then says that they didn’t properly transport their cheese. I fully expect him to send them back to the cheese hill to either retrieve their sleds or do the whole thing over, but instead he gives them a 30-minute penalty. Only 30 minutes! Maybe that task went pretty fast after all.

So Chuck and Wynona hang out on the mat. Joey and Meghan are walking, Meghan is crying because with the cold and the altitude she can’t breathe well and she can’t go fast. They see Phil, but they see Chuck and Wynona on the mat, too, so they know that they’re last.

Arriving at the mat, Meghan blames herself for not being quick enough coming up the hill. Phil lets her be sad, and he lets Joey hug her, and then he tells them that Chuck and Wynona have a penalty so Joey and Meghan are still in the Race.

That is a tough mat! One team so relieved, one team so sad. I’m glad. I think Chuck and Wynona have a good relationship, but the Race was making them relate so negatively to each other that it was just going to get worse. They interview afterwards that the Race didn’t tear them apart, so that’s good.

Next week! They’re still in Europe somewhere, falling off of buildings, so that will be exciting.