Pam & Winnie are finding out just how uncooperative donkeys can be. The bystanders are laughing at the situation and I can't say I blame them. Pam & Winnie get flustered when two other teams show up and they start to wonder about switching Detours. They quickly decide to switch and announce they are doing so. I think that will be a very smart move for them. They were getting nowhere with those donkeys.

Max & Katie are dancing and the crowd of onlookers are giggling at them. Joey & Meghan are still struggling. Max picks up his goats two at a time and they're on their way.

Horseback safari is going well for those teams -- Pam & Winnie are realizing they made a very smart decision switching detours. Chuck & Wynona are rolling along too and Wynona's got her little song for the first five animals and tells Chuck he has to remember the next five.

Joey & Meghan deliver their goats and then Max & Katie shortly behind them. Fair play to Max & Katie, they made up time from that Speed Bump pretty well.

Donkeys are being donkeys and going down the path and Jennifer & Caroline get their cart stuck on a tree. Mona & Beth take the chance to pass them on the outside.

Chuck interviews that his reaction to all the beautiful wildlife is that he wishes he could hunt it. Sigh. Wynona's "heiny" is sore because it's not a padded saddle.

Meghan & Joey and Max & Katie both get on the river taxis. Katie points out the obvious, saying that they have to beat Meghan & Joey at the Detour or they're done.

Mona & Beth reach the end of the half mile with the donkeys, but the donkeys have trouble understanding that when Mona & Beth say "Whoa," they mean "Whoa." While Jennifer & Caroline struggle with their tangled up donkeys, Mona & Beth finish unloading the wood and get the clue telling them to go the Pit Stop. They are currently in 2nd place.  Jennifer & Caroline shortly get their clue and are in 3rd place.

Mona & Beth are told they're Team Number 2 and there is much rejoicing. Caroline & Jennifer are Team Number 3 and there is more rejoicing.

Chuck & Wynona finish their ride and put the tiles in order on their first try. They are Team Number 4. Chuck's hair under a pith helmet is wonderful.

Oh no, Pam & Winnie miss one of their animals completely. And then think that the bird on a hippo marker counts as two animals.  They finish their ride, do their tiles, and are told by the park ranger it's incorrect and that they'll have to go back to the very beginning.

Pam & Winnie are back in the saddle again, redoing the Safari. Joey & Meghan have loaded their cart but can't get the donkeys to move. Max & Katie take off, so they are ahead of them at least for now. And now it's a donkey cart race! It's like Ben Hur without the guys in short skirts!

It's impossible to know with all the cross cutting where Pam & Winnie are in relation to the donkey-cart-detour folks. Max & Katie get to the cart-unloading area just before Joey & Meghan and both teams are hustling to unload the carts.

Pam & Winnie are told again that their answer is incorrect. It's probably because they are putting the bird tile on top of the rhino tile. First of all, it was a hippo, not a rhino. Secondly, the correct answer wants only the bird for that metal cutout.  The ranger tells them it's incorrect. They decide to go back to Brawn and their fate is sealed. 

Joey & Meghan run to the mat just before Max & Katie. Phil tries to fake them out. And then tells Joey & Meghan they're Team 5 and Max & Katie that they're Team 6.

Pam says in an interview "Crying is for bitches" and they know they're going to be eliminated and they are.

Two weeks from now: Switzerland! And there's cheese! Wheels of cheese! And Wyonona's on the side of a cliff.