Bates is sitting in the boat in only his underwear. He says, "Can't get better scenery than this. . . And Africa looks good, too." He laughs as he says it and I hope the guy's just a goof and not really full of himself.

Back in the canoes, Pam & Winnie find the goat delivery point, Wynona is a world champion whiner, and Mona & Beth are literally in the weeds. Joey & Meghan are still driving around lost.

Jennifer & Caroline get to the Road Block and Caroline squeals she'll do it because she loves goats. Goats reward such adoration by running away from her, just like they did every other contestant. She gets two in the canoe and off they go. They've got a shot at catching up to Mona & Beth.

Speaking of Mona & Beth, I like the way they're talking to each other. The one sitting down? Mona? She's so respectful and supportive of Beth when she encourages her to stand up to pilot the canoe. Of course this probably means they're out soon, since I like them.

Chuck & Wynona, coming back down the river after delivering their goats, end up almost occupying the same spot of river as Mona & Beth. Both teams are trying to negotiate the boats without tipping over and they pass without incident.

Caroline is apparently reliving her tomboy childhood with this canoe thing, so yay for her. Max & Katie are at the police station to pay their ticket. Joey & Meghan are still driving around lost.

As Chuck & Wynona approach the river bank, he encourages her in a way that gives me a flashback to what they were probably like in the delivery room during the births of their children. They get the clue telling them to proceed by river taxi to the Lodge.

Mona & Beth and Jennifer & Caroline deliver their goats at about the same time and are both trying to get into their canoes to go back down the river. Mona is clearly about to lose her temper, but she manages to tell Beth with authenticity that she's proud of her for conquering the challenge.

Bates & Anthony are first to arrive at the Pit Stop, "Again," as Phil notes. They've won $7,500 each, too! This is apparently their third first-place finish of the race. Joey & Meghan are still driving around lost. (Presumably. Every time they're not shown to us, I assume that's what's happening in their world.) 

Chuck & Wynona are speeding down the river in their taxi-boat and Chuck's hair blowing in the breeze is glorious. GLORIOUS, I say. It moves and doesn't move, at the same time. It defies physics and logic and your rules of good taste. It is eating Bart Simpson's shorts. It is staring down Chuck Norris. It makes the honey badger look as neurotic as Woody Allen.

Pam & Winnie get on the shuttle to the lodge and Chuck & Wynona are right behind them in a shuttle of their own. Chuck says, "I'm sure that made the hairdo look good." I freaking love that he calls it a "hairdo." Don't worry, Chuck. Like a werewolf of London, your hair is perfect.

Jennifer & Caroline and Mona & Beth get their clues to go to the lodge. Max & Katie are leaving the police station and as they pull out, there's that thud, and it's not just Katie's estimation of her new husband hitting new lows. He's run into a pole.

Meanwhile, Joey & Meghan are still driving around lost. (See above) 

Max decides not to get out and look at the damage done to the car because, as he says in an interview, "I'd just start sweating it." Katie says, "Maybe some teams got lost." And cut to...

A bright yellow lizard moving veeeeerrrrrry slowly. And a very lost Joey & Meghan. I see what you did there, sense-of-humor-having editors. And then they spot another car! It's Max & Katie. Then Joey interviews and is suddenly every closeted Baptist guy I knew in high school. His bio says he's from Boston and now is in Los Angeles... so where is this voice coming from?

Max & Katie now have to complete a Speed Bump, due to being last to arrive in the previous non-elimination leg. They have to finish making a grass skirt and then do a "seduction dance." While they do this, Joey & Meghan start up the river with their goats.

Pam & Winnie pull the Detour clue: "Brains or Brawn" Brains: Go on a horseback animal safari and look for 10 metal animal cutouts, then use tiles to represent the animals in the order in which they appeared. Brawn: Stack firewood on a cart and then, using a carrot on a stick, convince the donkeys to pull the cart half a mile.  

Pam & Winnie choose Brawn, because weren't they talking in an interview earlier about how they're strength is their intelligence? And Chuck & Wynona pick brains because they're smart enough to know to stay away from any task involving donkeys. As they go along, Wynona starts to make up a song to remember the animals. I'm not being sarcastic when I say that's a smart move. I still remember the first five months of the year in Spanish because of a Cinco de Mayo song we sang in high school 20 years ago.

Jennifer & Caroline choose brawn. No comment. Mona & Beth choose brawn, because roller derby.

Joey & Meghan are having a hard time in the canoe, much like everyone else before them. Max & Katie are distrustful Americans because the locals put some makeup on them in a hut.