Short and sweet

Many women avoid stores and Internet sites where skirts are short and prices are low. The conventional wisdom is that shops like Express, Forever 21 and Topshop are for the under-30 set. It's time to think again. This midthigh black and silver mini from Express shows more leg than makes you comfortable? So, re-imagine those short little dresses you see everywhere as tunics over your classic black pants for a great, easy, frugal holiday look. And those "young" stores are great for all-age accessories like evening bags, belts and bangles, each for less than $10. Even a belt -- this one glitters and almost glows in the dark -- can amp up your outfit, and the one shown here costs less than a specialty coffee. Dress: Express, $59.90,; Belt: Forever 21, $4.80,
Bill Hogan, Chicago Tribune
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