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This year, Valentine's Day not only lands on a weekend, it's a three-day weekend for most. That gives romance some extra time to simmer and spark, so we're helping you prepare with a week-long series about love.

Monday: We talked with a local sex therapist, who gave us her take on managing a sexual relationship. Click here to read Monday's story.

Tuesday: We introduced you to a line of romance enhancement products sold through home parties.Click here to read Tuesday's story.

Wednesday: We gave you ideas for erotic foods. Also, read our chat transcript with advice columnist 'Ask Amy' Click here to read the chat transcript.. Click here to read Wednesday's story.

Thursday: We gave you ideas to spice up your bedroom's atmosphere. Click here to read Thursday's story.

FridayThe Daily Press told you about some romantic outings you can plan for the weekend. Click here to read Friday's story.

SaturdayHealth Key explored how couples yoga can benefit your love life. Click here to read Saturday's story.

SundayWe wrapped up Love Week on Valentine's Day with heartwarming stories from readers about how they met. And for those who think Valentine's Day is just a " Hallmark holiday," we printed the results of our "Keep it or Cancel it" online poll. Click here to read Sunday's story.

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