ODU graduate continues to climb on NBC's sing-off show "The Voice"

Leland Grant, a Suffolk native and 2004 graduate of Old Dominion University, has survived several rounds of elimination on NBC's hit sing-off program "The Voice."

Grant, who performs with fellow vocalist Hailey Steele in a duo called The LiNE, was introduced to viewers last month when he and Steele did a version of Tom Petty's rock classic "American Girl." Watch their performance here.

As of this week, The LiNE is one of seven remaining contenders still part of the team being coached by power-house pop vocalist Christina Aguilera. Five other singers have already been sent home.

According to a press release ODU issued last month, Grant performed with the band Butter while living in Hampton Roads. The release also explains that "The Voice" isn't Grant's first brush with reality-television stardom.

He found success in 2004 on the VH1 reality show "In Search of the Partridge Family."

"That show lasted for seven weeks, and Grant emerged as the winner of the Keith Partridge role - played by David Cassidy in the original - in what was to be 'The New Partridge Family' series," the press release reported. "Only one episode of the new show was made, however."

Just last week, a post on the official website for "The Voice" included a passing reference to Grant's connection to Norfolk. Steele shared with readers a few stories about life on the road with The LiNE.

"One of the highlights of our tour was performing at a NASCAR race at the Dover Downs track in Delaware," wrote Steele. "As Leland was escorting me to the 'porta-potty section,' we ran into a man wearing a cut-off Hooters shirt and a ship captain's hat. He was scruffy looking, with a grey beard and a farmer's tan... well, more of a burn.

"We happened to notice that this man's Hooters shirt said Norfolk, VA - where Leland went to college! He struck up a conversation with the friendly old chap, and he insisted that we call him CAPTAiN REDNECK." The colorful character turned out to be someone of significance to NASCAR fans.

Read the rest of the story here.

"The Voice" airs on Mondays at 8 p.m.

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