$445,393: Video services

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YORK — York County operates two public access television channels: one for programming related to government and community events, the other for the York County School Division.

The channels are managed by the county's video services department, which carries a $445,393 budget this year. The department saw the second highest jump in funding over last year with a 21 percent increase, or about $40,000.

It added an new employee increasing from 4.5 full-time positions to 5.5.

WYCG-TV, which broadcasts programs like York View, a quarterly program that takes an in-depth look at the county, and York Paths, an ongoing series of brief historical tidbits, airs on Cox Channel 46, Verizon Channel 38, and is available on the county's website. YCSD-TV airs on Cox Channel 47 and Verizon Channel 39. The channels also stream government meetings.

This year, the county estimates it will produce 6,516 hours of content between the two channels, according to its budget.

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