Gloucester wins grant for cigarette problem at Beaverdam

Gloucester County has received a $500 grant to help solve its problem with smokers tossing cigarette butts around Beaverdam Park.

The grant is from the organization "Keep Virginia Beautiful" that funds attempts at litter prevention, according to a press release. Beaverdam Park has a 635-acre pond and more than 10 miles of trails, but visitors frequently discard their cigarette butts around the park.

The cigarettes pose a huge fire danger in addition to emitting toxic chemicals that leach into wildlife habitats, according to a spokesperson for Keep Virginia Beautiful. County staff will purchase cigarette receptacles and post signs to encourage Beaverdam Park visitors to properly dispose of their cigarettes.

The organization "applauds Gloucester County for taking a stand against litter and doing something to create a positive change in one of their beautiful national treasures," the spokesperson said.

The grant is made possible by the Lowe's Charitable and Educational Foundation.

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