DP Buzz: Peninsula's worst traffic spot

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This week's question: What's the worst traffic spot on the Peninsula?

The worst traffic spot on the Peninsula has to be on I-64 east at Lee Hall. Traffic flows almost flawlessly from the western part of Virginia, towards Lee Hall. It doesn't matter, day or night, rain or shine, traffic snarls up. I don't know what it is with this particular spot, traffic goes from 55 mph to a complete stop, for no apparent reason and then back to 55 mph followed by another unexplainable stop and go, before traffic finally resumes normal flow around the Jefferson Avenue exits.

Wade Gerze

Newport News

HRBT, hands down!

David McDaniel

Going through Grafton on US-17, in either direction, 4 p.m. on weekends, and almost anytime in the afternoon on Saturdays.

Larry Burnett


Any place where VDOT/utility companies have put up "one lane only/flagman ahead/road work ahead" signs where nothing is happening!

Lois Yates Giltinan


In reality, driving anywhere in the Patrick Henry Mall area of Jefferson all the way up to Richneck road is a battle in itself. I-64 West at the Fort Eustis exit. Any time any day. And going through Grafton on US-17 is a nightmare after 2 p.m.

Sarah Mitchell

Newport News

US-17 now. I have to travel this road for work and the lanes are always closed at the busiest times. Why not work at night when you have less cars and cooler for the workers?

Linda Kopp Smith


Since one end of the HRBT is on the Peninsula, it has to qualify for the worst traffic spot, hands down! I live in Williamsburg and will go to any lengths to avoid it. The Monitor Merrimac Bridge Tunnel is often a better way to go, but it sometimes has its own problems. Coming from Portsmouth Sunday afternoon we took no chances on either tunnel and traveled through Surrey, crossing the river on the ferry. Well worth it!

Dot Bryant


I-64 West between Victory and Fort Eustis is the worst, because it narrows from five lanes to two — which is ridiculous.

Ed Prior


By far the worst spot is the HRBT. Arizona and Nevada built a beautiful bridge across the canyon below the Hoover Dam, including several miles on either side for only $250 million dollars. It makes me wonder why it would cost $4 to 6 billion to either widen our tunnel or add a bridge over top to add capacity.

Alan Duhon

Newport News

The worst traffic congestion is on I-64 at Jefferson Blvd and on Jefferson Blvd at I-64. Both of these traffic areas can become highly stagnated on any day of the week; however, Saturdays tends to be the worst time to travel these intersections.

Mel Barton


There are many, but I believe the worst is west bound just after Jefferson Avenue on I-64, when four lanes merge into two. This is particularly congested during the rush hour.

Ann Hunt


I-64 east and west from Jefferson to Lee Hall, particularly the Ft. Eustis exchanges!

Diana Healy

Newport News

Sure, the HRBT is bad if you're leaving the area, but actually in the area, Jefferson around I-64 takes the cake.

Flash Wayman


Where I-64 West goes down to two lanes at ft. Eustis. It always backs up there.

Hope Walikainen


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