Learn More About Nighttime Lighting

Questions You Should Consider:

  • Are the fixtures you are considering solid bronze and copper with a lifetime guarantee?
  • Will they come out to do a free night time demonstration to show you just how good your house looks at night?
  • Is the company licensed specifically for installing low voltage lighting?
  • Is the lighting designer present during the installation?
  • Will the designer come back at night to meet you and make sure everything is as designed?
  • Do they provide you with night lighting photos down loaded to the internet for discussion prior to installation?
  • Is Outdoor lighting a specialty within the firm?
  • Can the lighting system be adaptable to futuristic plant growth and changes in the landscape?
  • Is your chosen contractor familiar with and experienced with plant materials in which you will be illuminating?
  • Will the installer be competent in accounting for cold weather voltage drop?
  • Can the installer put back all the pavers, bluestone or pool decking to perfection?
  • Is their both an aesthetic and electrical maintenance program available to you?
  • Is your designer an AOLP-Association of Outdoor Lighting Professional residential lighting award recipient?
  • Will your lighting installer buy back your transformer when you are ready to expand the system?
  • Does your lighting designer install as well?
  • Did your lighting installer give you options on automation of control for the system?
  • Is your Lighting designer a passionate and sincere owner operator?
  • Do they guarantee Beauty, usefulness, safety, security and emotion with all their installations?

Did you answer yes to the above? Then light it up with Preferred - You'll love it!:

This can best be seen by viewing the night lighting demo, which is tailored specifically to the site. The demo is wired and programmed to be on--the homeowner is now able to go outside and see it for the first time. A walk-around fine-tunes the project. Photos are taken and digital prints are uploaded to the internet. Accurate beam spray and intensity can be honed in by the picture on the internet. Equal illuminance can be compared. Please visit to see our efforts and night lighting photos.

For the most part, the demo is the initial phase of lighting, with fixtures added, eliminated, or moved to a greater strategic area. Flags can hold the spot for new fixtures, and by writing on the flag, the fixture type can be followed. Contact Michael NOW for your free demonstration

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