Green County is hill country, adding more drama to the colors. Leaf jaunts there include Marty Road off state Route 39 west out of New Glarus and Sandy Hook Road off County Road W going east out of New Glarus. You can go west out to Marty, turn south to County Road H and turn east to state Route 69. Jog north to County Road W, and pick up your tour going east. Off W, Sandy Hook winds south, traversing County Road C, then X to state Route 59. Turn east to County Road F and then south, where you will find rust orange-colored oaks along Park Road just west of Brodhead. From Brodhead, take state Route 11 south to state Route 81, then go southeast to Beloit. At this point you can bop over to Interstate Highway 90 and fly back to Chicago or continue south on 90 to U.S. Highway 20. Go west to state Route 2, then south along the Rock River. Head south to Dixon, and you'll see Wisconsin has no monopoly on falls colors. More information McHenry County Convention & Visitors Bureau: 888-363-6177, Lake Geneva Area Convention & Visitors Bureau: 800- 345-1020, Green County Tourism: 888-222-9111,
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