5 Questions with Treasurer Dan Rutherford

5 Questions with Treasurer Dan Rutherford

First job? Washing dishes and waiting tables at his parents' restaurant, Carol's Pizza Pan, age 8.

Favorite song? Depends on mood. The Doors, Grand Funk Railroad and Lynyrd Skynyrd are favorites.

Last movie seen in a theater? Can't remember, prefers to watch movies at home while jogging. Just finished "The Postman."

Hobbies? Scuba diving.

Pigout food? Pizza.


Current job: Illinois state treasurer

Age: 58

Born in: Pontiac, Ill.

Lives in: Chenoa, Ill.

Personal: Single

Previous positions: Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, manager of international business, 1982-1985; ServiceMaster, executive, 1985-2010; Illinois House, 1993-2002; Illinois Senate, 2003-2010.

Education: Bachelor's degree, business administration, Illinois State University (1978).

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