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By the numbers

68Wins compiled by Christy Mathewson (32), Red Ames (22) and Hooks Wiltse (14) for the 1905 New York Giants, the most by three pitchers 25 or younger.

24Babe Ruth's career high in wins in 1917 at the age of 22. This is more wins in one season than compiled by future greats Warren Spahn, Bob Gibson, Jim Palmer, Nolan Ryan, Pedro Martinez, Tom Glavine or Curt Schilling.

1967The last year a member of the promising 1961 Yankees trio of Ralph Terry, Bill Stafford and Rollie Sheldon pitched in the majors.

521Young right-hander Jack Fisher is best remembered not for winning 12 games for the 1960 Orioles but for giving up Ted Williams' final career homer, No. 521, at the end of the season. One year later, Fisher gave up Roger Maris' record-tying 60th home run. In 1965 he lost 24 games for the New York Mets.

38Career home runs by Wes Ferrell, young ace of the Cleveland Indians in the 1930s.

20Combined wins for Pedro and Ramon Martinez for the 1993 Los Angeles Dodgers.

17Years between Jim Palmer's first World Series title in 1966 and his final one in 1983.

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