Evers and Slagle first to report

Both in good condition Comiskey announces that Sox are all signed with exception of Callahan

March 2, 1906

Johnny Evers and Jimmy Slagle won the long distance race for the Chicago Nationals, being the first to report for spring practice. They made it a tie by visiting the club's headquarters yesterday in a body, accompanied by Davy Jones, the former west sider, who is booked for a tryout with the Detroit American league club this spring.

Evers claims to have put on another four pounds and three ounces this winter and hopes to make the featherweight limit by another season. Both were apparently in need of little conditioning before beginning stiff practice work and said they were eager for the getaway. Manager Chance is not expected until tomorrow and the majority of the players will not arrive until the first of the week.

President Murphy received three more petitions regarding the date of the local pennant ceremonies and a report that ten more were in process of preparation. "It looks as if we'd have to get along without the presence of the national commission for the auspicious occasion," he remarked, "if they keep coming at us that strong for April 21."

President Comiskey of the White Stockings announced he had his team signed up to a man for the season, with the exception of Jimmy Callahan, whom he expects to induce to join the club by the opening of the season and manage his local semi-pro club while playing with the Sox. Frank Owen's contract completed the list and iti is expected all the men under contract will make the trip south.

Dispatches from new York yesterday made the annual announcement from that city that President Johnson would move the offices of the American League to new York at or soon after the opening of the championship season. Regarding the matter, President Johnson said: "Whenever they have nothing else to do the move me to New York and break up the Chicago offices of the league. From all present indications I will keep the headquarters in Chicago, the same as heretofore. I may spend more time in the east in the future if the interests of the league require it, but I have not yet figured on abandoning Chicago headquarters."

[Germany] Schaefer and Charley O'Leary returned from Hot Springs yesterday and left for Detroit, where the club is ordered to report for departure for the south tomorrow. Neither of the Chicagoans has signed for this year and both say they will return here and play independent baseball unless better terms are offered them. So far as known they have not received offers from Jimmy Sebring to jump to the Williamsport club of the "outlaw" league.

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