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The Bears go for their third straight win today as they face the Titans for the first time ever at The Coliseum. The last time these teams met, the current stadium was not built and they were the Tennessee Oilers.

Bear fans, Adam Caldarelli is at The Coliseum in the Music City today, and you can send him your e-mail questions and he'll find out the answers in the locker room after the contest. Use the form on the right.

Naperville's Chris Brown will be the main man for Tennessee, as he has rushed for over 800 yards so far with five TDs.

Craig Krenzel looks to run his record as a starter to 3-0. The Bears have not won three in a row since the playoff season of 2001.

Adam: Greetings form the town that gave us Jonathan Quinn. Anyone for grits? They serve them every meal down here. At least every meal I've had. Not that I'm complaining.

This is possibly the greatest press box ever. We're exactly 34 rows up. So close I could use a beer. Soldier Field's press box is 34 stories up.

Football related news: Like you're not going to know in about 10 minutes, but Anthony Thomas will start today. Thomas Jones is inactive. The bigger news, however, is that Bill Volek starts at quarterback for the Titans over the injured Steve McNair.

Ho boy, the Titans mascot is a guy in a raccoon suit. And he's freak dancing at midfield.

Football next.

First quarter

It's sunny and 56 degrees in Nashville. The Titans receive and will start at the 27 with Billy Volek behind center. He's an undrafted free agent from Fresno State. Chris Brown gets the call and will lose 3. Titans go to the hurry-up offense and Brown gets back to the line of scrimmage. Volek calls and audible and has plenty of time to pass--he completes to Erron Kinney, but they're a few yards shy of the first. R.W. McQuarters takes the punt and is hit immediately at the Bears 26.

Krenzel rolls to his left and completes to Bobby Wade for a short gain of 4. They try a screen and the pass goes right into the ground. No chance on that one. Draw to A-Train and the Titans were ready for it--no gain. Michael Waddell takes the punt at the 30 and has running room and gets across midfield, but it's called back due to two penalties--a late hit and an illegal block. Not sure how you have a late hit on the return team. Maybe it was a block after the play was blown dead.

From the Titans 46, Brown picks up 3. Volek goes to Shad Meier for a short gain to the Bears 48. Now Volek goes to Derrick Mason and Jerry Azumah keeps him from getting the first at the 45. Titans will go for it. Brown takes the toss and he's nailed. It's close. They're short by a few inches and Brian Urlacher celebrates.

Adam: I guess when Craig Krenzel is the opposing quarterabck you can go for it on fourth down in the first quarter.

Krenzel first-down throw is almost picked off. The pass was low and well behind the intended receiver. No room to run again for Thomas. The O-line is getting overpowered at this stage. So it's third-and-13. Krenzel goes back to pass and is forced to run and he'll slide at the Titans 48, which is about three yards shy of the first. Derrick Mason takes the punt and calls a fair catch inside the 10. Thank you.

Volek will pass on first down and he completes to Drew Bennett for a 20-yard gain. Brown carries for a yard to the 29. Brown has some room straight ahead and gets 7 more. Quick slant for Bennett, but Azumah is there just in time to knock the ball away. Fox says it should have been pass interference. Berrian takes the punt and steps out at the 15.

A-Train runs left and finds a bit more running room this time and gets to the 18. Thomas goes up the middle for a few. Krenzel is under pressure and he'll go down inside the 10. Good coverage that time by the Titans DBs. Maynard punts from the end zone and the Titans will start at their 42.

Adam: Paging Terry Shea: major offensive adjustments needed. The Titans are loading up on the run and in obvious passing situations bringing everything. The Bears have no answer.

Volek takes a two-step drop and lofts one over everyone out of bounds. The Bears bring a few DBs, and Volek goes to the sideline and completes to Ben Troupe for a 3-yard gain. The Bears blitz, but Volek finds Bennett for the first down at the Bears 43. Brown carries and gets maybe a yard. Brown blasts through the middle for a first at the 28.

Adam: Nashville boy Hunter Hillenmeyer made his first tackle and stunningly the place didn't erupt.

Volek goes for it all and he finds Derrick Mason in the end zone as he beats Azumah for the TD. Bears were blitzing again. The PAT is good.

Titans 7, Bears 0

The Bears start at the 34 and Krenzel is forced to move from the pocket and he has to throw it away out of bounds. A mixup on this pass as Terrell runs a slant to the center of the field and Krenzel throws it to the sideline.

Adam: Again Terrell and a quarterback are on the wrong page.

Krenzel is sacked on third down by Kevin Carter. Again, the O-line had no protection. Maynard comes on and the Titans will take over at their 27.

Volek finds Mason on first down as Azumah slipped on the play. That's out to the 43, a 17-yard gain. Brown runs for a few and Volek completes to Mason and he'll get a couple as the quarter ends.

Second quarter

From the Titans 49, on third-and-5, Volek goes to Brown outside, and Lance Briggs is right there to stop Brown for no gain.

Adam: Not much to report from here outside of a complete mismatch of the Titans' defense over the Bears' offense. At this point Krenzel appears overwhelmed by the speed of everything. The raccoon is now break dancing on the 10-yard line.

McQuarters takes the punt inside the 5 and is drilled at the 8.

Adam: And McQuarters fielding that punt on the 5 isn't going to help Krenzel at all. I'm predicting something bad will happen here. Like the Titans defense scoring or at least Krenzel fumbling. And I'm not just being a pessimist. Things look that bad right now.

Thomas almost breaks away, and is taken down at the 14, a 6-yard gain. This time, he's hit right away for no gain. Krenzel rolls out and finds Wade, and he's close to the first. He made it by reaching the ball over the first-down mark as he went out of bounds. Here's a reverse to Wade and he picks up 7. Timeout Bears. Thomas gets the first out to the 33.

Adam: Here's some interesting numbers from the first quarter: Krenzel was 1-of-4 for 4 yards. The Bears had no first downs, -18 yards of offense, 3 net yards rushing and -21 net yards passing. On the bright side, they didn't turn the ball over and no one was hurt.

A-Train carries for a yard and then Krenzel finds a wide open Terrell at the Titans 45, but he drops it. Geez. Bears have to call another timeout.

Adam: It's Terrell's show! Krenzel finds Terrell wide open and he drops it. Brutal.

Krenzel has time to pass, and a late-developing screen to Thomas will pickup some yards, but not enough for the first. Maynard time again. He booms this one and Waddell calls a fair catch at the 11.

Brown carries for 5 and then after an incomplete, Volek completes to Bennett near the first down mark. Azumah almost picked it off. They have the first by a few inches. Volek tries for the TE Kinney, and that's too high. Brown has a big hole and motors to the 35, but the ball comes loose and the Bears recover. Alex Brown with the recovery. He ripped the ball from Chris Brown and picked it up.

The Titans will challenge the call. It has to do with whether his forward progress was stopped or maybe his elbow was on the ground when the ball came out.

Adam: The Bears better hope the refs don't overturn this because their only hope is getting turnovers like last week in New Jersey.

The play stands and the Titans lose a timeout.

So the Bears have a chance now at the 28. Thomas runs to his left and moves the ball out to the 23. Draw to A-Train and he'll get 2 more. Krenzel looks to Terrell on a slant, but he's covered so the pass is a screen to Thomas and it gets nothing. Edinger pulls the kick left from 39 yards out, and the Bears waste a opportunity.

Volek fakes the handoff and rolls out, but throws low to Meier. Brown runs right and fumbles again and McQuarters grabs it at the 31.

Adam: OK, let's try this one again.

A-Train blasts up the gut and gets to the 25. Thomas again for a few. Big play here. A-Train sweeps left and he'll pick up the first at the 16. He was almost tackled in the backfield. Thomas for no gain with 3:00 left.

Adam: At some point don't you have to drop back and throw the ball? If you watch closely, Shea's shifting offense is having no effect on the Titans defense. They don't cover the shift. They just stand pat and stuff the run.

Now a false start on the Bears and it's back to the 21. Now a short out pass to Thomas and the Bears will face third-and-9 at the 15 after the two-minute warning. Fox announcers think the Bears are scared to throw a pass and make a mistake, and that's exactly what happens as Krenzel's pass is off the hands of desmond Clark and it's picked off by Andre Dyson. Clark should have caught it, even though it was a bit high.

Adam: Well, that's the difference between this week and last. Last week the Bears were able to take advantage of all those turnovers. This week two straight turnovers deep in Titans territory and they come away with no points.

Since we're under two minutes, the interception will be challenged by the refs in the booth. Dyson made the catch near the turf, but it looks like he had it. Play stands

From the 22, Robert Holcombe, from Illinois, gets a yard. Volek completes to Shad Meier for a few. Never heard that first name before. Volek's next attempt is incomplete and Craig Hentrich shanks the punt. He went to Illinois too. Bears have one timeout and will start at the Titans 45. That was a 13-yard kick.

On first down, Krenzel's pass is batted away. From the shotgun, Krenzel is sacked by Kevin Carter and he fumbles and Tennessee recovers at their own 46. Come on. Three times with good field position and nothing to show for it.

After an incomplete pass, Volek goes to Meier and he out of bounds at the Bears 48. Volek tries a screen and Michael Haynes is right there and he has himelf an interception and he'll take it 45 yards to paydirt. We're tied with :18 left.

Adam: I'm telling you how bad this game is, the Bears are going to win. It'll come down to stuff like that. The defense scoring, Azumah breaking a kick. The Titans offense isn't exactly lighting it up.

Haynes tippped the ball to himself on that.

Bears 7, Titans 7

They show Volek sitting on the ground after that INT and he's slamming his helmet into the ground and a few choice words come out of his mouth.

The Titans return the kick 36 yards to the Bears 46, and then Volek completes a pass across the middle and the Titans are at the Bears 41 with two seconds left. The punter, Craig Hentrich, will try a 58-yard field goal. He has the distance, but it's just to the right and that's the half.

Adam: That was a helluva a boot by the punter.

Third quarter

The Bears had -6 yards passing in the first half. The Bears start at the 25. A-Train gains 4 and then the end around to Berrian goes nowhere. Krenzel is under pressure again and throws this one to the Bears bench. Waddell returns Maynard's punt to the Titans 20.

Brown gets two straight carries for three yards and on third down, Ogunleye sacks Volek back to the 17. The punt is a bomb and R.W. takes it at the 25 and will have room along the sidelines and now he crosses the field and will get into a foot race and R.W. will win that easily and the Bears lead. 75 yards on the return.

Bears 14, Titans 7

Adam: Keep the Bears offense off the field and this team's in good shape.

On the kickoff return, Alphonso Marshall is hurt. He has to be carted off the field. The Titans are called for an illegal block, so it's first-and-20. From the 31, Volek throws incomplete. Now he is forced to run and will get a five yards. On third down, Volek fires incomplete. On the punt, McQuarters takes it at the 14 and has plenty of room and will take it all the way again, but there's a penalty on the Bears. He went 86 yards, but Cory Jenkins was called for blocking in the back. The replay showed it was on the side/front and not the back. Fox says it was a bad call.

Adam: That was close to being unbelievable. Corey Jenkins should go sit on the Titans' bench after that. I mean, Todd McMillon's block on the first punt return was closer to a block in the back than that one.

On first down, the Bears are called for tripping and that brings it to the 9. Krenzel goes to Wade and he breaks a few tackles and motors out to the 40. After two runs gets five yards, Krenzel goes long for Berrian, but it was thrown well behind him. The blitz was on. On the punt, Mason calls a fair catch at the 13.

Bear fans, Adam Caldarelli is at The Coliseum and you can send him your e-mail questions and he'll find out the answers in the locker room after the contest. Use the form on the right.

The Titans are called for a false start and they're back to the 9. Brown gets a yard and then Volek goes across the middle to Bennett and that's a big gain to the 44. Volek tries for Bennett deep again, but it's over his head and Tenn. is called for an illegal formation and it's declined. Volek calls an audible and then gives it to Brown and he rushes to the Bears 49. Volek goes long for Bennett and he's open, but the pass is just off. McQuarters was beaten on the play. The punt goes in the end zone with 5:07 left. What's with the Titans trying all the long throws all of the sudden?

Thomas takes the handoff and gets nothing. DT Albert Haynesworth has been in the Bears backfield all day. Qasim Mitchell is called for a false start. Hey, we can't have a game without one or two of those from Mitchell. A-Train runs and picks up a couple. Onn third-and-15, Krenzel is running for his life and he'll be taken down by Kevin Carter at the 7. The Titans are called for an illegal block on the return, which was back to the Bears 30. Now, Tennessee will begin at their own 34.

We're lucky we've faced some lame QBs the past few weeks. What happens against Peyton Mannning next week?

Brown gets nothing, and then on the play-action, Volek goes to Holcombe at the 40. Alex Brown just missed the sack. Volek, on a quick release, tosses one to Eddie Berlin and Nathan Vasher wasn't watching for the ball and that's a completion to the Bears 35. Brown runs down to the 28 as the quarter ends.

Fourth quarter

Titans have outgained the Bears 252-75. Volek completes to Meier for the first down at the 20 and Brown runs straight ahead for 6, to the 14. Brown is stopped for no gain and they still need 4. Volek throws and Urlacher steps in front of the receiver and he juggles and starts to run and drops it. From a different angle, he had the interception. He did not juggle it until he took a few steps. Bears can't challenge because it's a judgement call. Wow. The Titans get a break and Gary Anderson makes a 33-yard FG.

Bears 14, Titans 10

The Bears start at the 33. Thomas gains 3 and then Wade gets the ball on the reverse and will have the first at the 43. Thomas gets zip and then Krenzel throws a slant to Terrell and he can't hang on. Should have had that. Krenzel tries for Wade downfield and it's overthrown. He had a little time to throw, but not much. Mason takes the punt and the Titans take over.

From the 24, Brown gets 8 and then nothing. On that Urlacher play, Fox says once the ref said it was an incomplete pass, you can't challenge. Volek throws high for Bennett and the Titans will kick. I wonder if they'll use McNair at the end if it's still 14-10? R.W. returns the punt to the 32.

The Bears have more return yards than offensive yards. Thomas runs and gains three and then gets the firstat the 42. Krenzel goies for the bomb to Berrian and it's picked by Andre Dyson inside the 5 and he brings it back to the 35 and Anthony Thomas makes the tackle, but is called for a facemask penalty.

Adam: Question: Why do you throw the ball there? Thomas just had two pounding runs for a first, the clock's running, you're at midfield and then you throw it up for grabs?

The Bears will challenge whether Dyson was touched by Berrian inside the 10. The play is reversed, but the facemask penalty stands. The Titans start at the 19, with 7:15 to go. Why does the penalty stand if the play has been reversed?

Volek finds a wide-open Derrick Mason for a first at the 36. McQuarters slipped on the play. Now those two hookup again to the Bears 47. A dump pass to Brown is dropped.

Adam: Well, the whole thing doesn't matter now because it took the Titans two plays to get back to midfield. I'm thinking let the Titans score with time on the clock and then have Jerry Azumah return the kickoff for a touchdown.

Well, Adam, you may get your wish as Volek has an eternity to throw and finds Bennett all by himself inside the 10 and that's a TD.

Titans 17, Bears 14

Adam: Going out on a limb here but Azumah takes the kick back.

Mike Green was beaten on the TD. Bears start at the 27 and Krenzel goes back to pass and fumbles and the Bears get it back. A loss of about 9.

Adam: I guess you could say Krenzel's due.

Thomas runs for no gain. Krenzel is almost sacked, moves to his right, lofts one for Terrell and he drops his third pass of the day. He was right there. My goodness. That would have been a first inside Titans territory. After a 5-yard penalty on the Bears, the punt is taken by Worrell.

Adam: Good lord. Terrell has less trade value than Eddy Curry.

From the Titans 40, Antowain Smith gets his first carry and gets three and the Bears call a timeout with 3:50 left. A screen to Mason and he gets to the 45. Tennessee has to call timeout with the play clock running down. If the Bears get the ball back, how will they score? But they only need a FG to tie. First things first. Smith gets the carry and he will not get the first and the Bears take timeout, they're second. Hentrich's punt goes into the end zone.

Krenzel completes to Clark all the way to the Bears 43. Inside handoff to A-Train gets nothing. Titans DT Albert Haynesworth is injured. Krenzel goes for Lyman, but it's high and it'll be third down. Krenzel goes to Berrian, but he's nailed short of the first at the Titans 48 and we're at the two-minute warning. Fourth down coming up. Slant to Terrell and he catches it! First down at the 40 and there's an injury timeout. Lovie showing some confidence in Terrell there. Krenzel finds Wade open and he makes a great catch and he's nailed at the 15. On first down the Bears spike the ball. At 1:22, Krenzel throws it away. Bears have one timeout left. Be careful here. Thomas runs for a couple and Edinger comes on. The Titans take their last timeout with :57 left. From 29 yards out, Edinger drills it.

Bears 17, Titans 17

The Titans will start at the 30. From the shotgun, Volek goes to Bennett between the defenders and they're at the Bears 42 just like that. They spike the ball with :25. Volek completes to Holcombe and time is running down and they spike it with 8 seconds left at the 35. Hentrich comes on for a 52-yarder and Marc Colombo blocks it. Sweet. His first game back. We're headed to OT.

Adam: Marc Colombo's one play all day and he blocks it.


Bears start at the 26. Thomas ruhses for 9 and then gets 5 more to the 40. The Titans have an injured player on the field. A-Train again, and he gains two more. The injured Titan is Dyson. He's had a big game. A reverse to Wade and he's out to the 48. On third down and three, Krenzel had Clark open at the Titans 35, but he throws it too far in front of him. Maynard punts for the 11th time today and Mason calls a fair catch at the 9.

Volek's pass is tipped by Ian Scott and it falls just out of the reach of Mike Green. Volek is almost sacked for a safety by Hillenmeyer, but he's able to get to the 5. Now Volek is sacked in the end zone and the Bears win it. Unbelievable. Adewale Ogunleye gets the sack and the Bears have won three in a row. What a way to end it. No offensive TDs and they still win. Bears are 4-5.

Final: Bears 19, Titans 17

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