Terrell secures 1 TD, but replay negates another

Tribune staff reporter

For all the camera time he received Sunday, it would seem David Terrell's stat line should have read more than three catches for 23 yards.

But therein lies the rub.

One of those three catches went for a 5-yard touchdown, another apparent touchdown was called back after the Bills challenged the ruling, and another catch should be the subject of discussion all week in Buffalo.

Throw in another in Terrell's repertoire of strange and unexplainable touchdown celebrations, and the second-year receiver had another active day, if not a satisfying one.

"I'm just upset about the loss," he said in an extremely brief postgame interview. "I can't even think. We're 2-2. We're supposed to be 4-0."

Terrell's touchdown catch brought the Bears to within 17-14 with 28 seconds left in the first half and was a patented Terrell red-zone grab—his third touchdown inside the 20-yard line this season—only with a twist as he caught the ball at the goal line and leaned over.

"It's just a smash route," said Terrell, who did not stick around long enough to explain his turning-the-ignition-and-rolling-down-the-windows routine in the end zone. "I told Jim [Miller] that if I'm there, just throw it. He had confidence in me, threw it and we got a touchdown."

Terrell appeared to get his second touchdown in the first drive of the fourth quarter on a 6-yard lob from Miller into the left corner of the end zone. But the Bills challenged the call and officials agreed that Terrell got only one foot down inbounds.

While Bears offensive coordinator John Shoop pointedly avoided criticizing the call, Dick Jauron said he thought Terrell was forced out and Terrell naturally agreed.

"It's clear that he was falling down. I was trying to drag my leg, he pushed me and kicked my leg out of bounds," Terrell said of Bills free safety Pierson Prioleau before teammate Olin Kreutz urged him to reconsider complaining about the officiating. With 3:37 remaining in regulation, Bills cornerback Nate Clements was called for interference for screening out Terrell, a flag television commentators and Bills fans alike were grumbling should not have been dropped because the pass was uncatchable.

The 31-yard gain gave the Bears the ball on the Bills' 4-yard line, and two plays later Miller hit tight end John Davis for a TD to tie the score at 27.

Normally, Terrell might have something to say about finishing with just three catches. But considering that Marty Booker, the team's leading receiver, only had four for 82 yards and considering the circumstances of an overtime defeat, Terrell's thoughts were elsewhere.

"I don't care how they use me as long as they use me and as long as we're winning," he said. "But we're losing. We should be 4-0. We have to go out and get the ball rolling on the winning wide."

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