1 George Washington

Feb. 22, 1732 ~ Dec. 14, 1799 Religion: Episcopalian Marriage: Martha Dandridge Custis Military service: Served in the Virginia militia 1752-1754, 1755-1758; commander in chief of the Continental Army 1775-1783 Term: April 30, 1789 -- March 3, 1797 Vice president: John Adams Highlights of presidency: He signed the Proclamation of Neutrality in 1793 declaring the United States friendly and impartial toward the European nations at war. Washington ordered 15,000 militia to put down the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794. He denied Congress access to executive branch records involving the Jay Treaty of 1795. Did you know? Washington's dentures were made of human, animal and ivory bases -- not made of wood -- and were held in his mouth with metal springs. He was the only president who was elected unanimously by the Electoral College. His last name comes from his ancestral town in England, known in 1183 as Wessyngton, but five generations later, when he became president, it had become Hertburn.
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