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Uncovering the "perfect storm of embezzlement"

When news of Rita Crundwell’s arrest broke last week I wasn’t sure how accepting Dixon would be of my presence since I was an outsider from 100 miles away.

But residents of the northwest Illinois town are just as curious as I am about the circumstances surrounding allegations their own treasurer stole $30 million. They have been both encouraging and helpful as we've continued to explore the situation.

The stories sparked the curiosity of people across the country too. The past 10 days have been a whirlwind as national television networks contacted us about appearing on their shows. I was interviewed on "Weekends with Alex Witt" on MSNBC and "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," on Fox to lay out the details of the case for viewers around the country.

TV cameras are a scary prospect, at least for this print reporter, and I was happy to return to the computer this week to work on this story in which Andy Grimm and I talked to experts in government finance to try to shed some light on what went wrong. If you haven't read it yet, here's a link

Many of those experts told us they had never seen anything of this magnitude in the public sector. While they were able to give us some great insights, there still are unanswered questions in this case and unfortunately, some of the key people who may hold the answers still aren’t talking.

-- Melissa Jenco

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