Sen. Kirk's brain swelling reported 'stabilized'

Tribune reporter

About a day after Sen. Mark Kirk underwent another surgery to make room for his swelling brain, his neurosurgeon reported in a statement that Kirk is “doing quite well.”

“He is alert, responding more rapidly to questions and the swelling in his brain has stabilized,” said Dr. Richard Fessler of Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “While he remains in serious but stable condition, we are pleased with his continued progress.”

On Thursday, doctorsremoved two small pieces of tissue previously destroyed and rendered non-functional by the stroke in response to continued brain swelling at the time.

Kirk had emergency surgery Sunday after going to a hospital with symptoms of stroke a day earlier.

At that time, Fessler removed a piece of Kirk's skull to alleviate pressure from swelling.

The stroke affected Kirk's left side, particularly movement of his left arm and his face. Doctors say he is expected to make a full mental recovery but might not regain full movement, even after rehabilitation.




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